Recereum – solving the global waste problem using Blockchain technology

Recereum announces the launch of a platform designed to solve the problem of waste management by offering users the opportunity to earn coins for sorting waste correctly

History is about to be made in the waste management industry, as Recereum, a waste management initiative, announces the launch of its platform that is designed to revolutionize the waste sorting and management industry using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to reward the “planet saver.” The platform is designed to reward users by awarding them coins for correct waste sorting. Basically, the platform is designed to turn waste and other recyclables into real value.

Waste management is a problem faced by virtually all the countries in the world. While some giant strides have been in the waste recycling market and waste management process in general, there is still more to be achieved, particularly in terms of encouraging people to key into effective waste sorting and management. This is particularly true as studies have shown that one of the major challenges of waste management is the large volume of unsorted waste.

Recereum is therefore taking the initiative of using the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to solve the waste sorting and management problem, a move that will not only ensure a safer and cleaner environment, but will also help users to get rewarded for their efforts.

Recereum is cooperating with the public to ensure more garbage is recycled and factories get more recyclables for their production process. The platform will not only allow users to earn coins by sorting waste, but also allows for the exchange of plastic and aluminum bottles in vending machines for coins or recreum coins to mobile phone account. Old batteries, electronics, and other unneeded things can also be exchanged for special points to real valuable coins to your account.

The use of Blockchain technology which is the backbone of the digital currency system where the likes of Bitcoin operate will ensure reliability and safety of the process.

Recereum is an opportunity to make the earth cleaner and safer, even as one gets paid.

About Recereum

Recereum is an innovative platform designed to reward users for saving the planet. Recereum is co-founded by Bohdan Yakubovych, Grigory Shegeda, and Alex Shatkowski, and hopes to encourage everyone to help in building a cleaner environment by rewarding them in cryptocurrency as they sort waste.

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