Recently Approved Affiliate Of Global Ecology Corporation, GEC Organics, Changes The Protocol In Modern Soil Management

21 February, 2017 – Global Ecology Corporation (Symbol; GLEC: OTCPK) is pleased to announce that after much effort over many months, its affiliate, GEC Organics (“GECO”), has  been approved by The Gold Standard Foundation, Geneva Switzerland for the issuance of Carbon Credits.  These emission reduction credits have been awarded to GECO through the production of its USDA Certified Organic Compost at its Castleberry, Alabama location.

The Company has undergone a rigorous process to obtain a ten year validation from the Gold Standard which is the most highly regarded carbon registry in the world. Additional credits are granted automatically as raw material is processed by GECO. The sale of these Carbon Credits will provide GECO with an additional revenue stream to complement the sale its all-natural soil amendment, O.N.E™ (“Organic New Earth”). 

GECO is the only compost production project approved by the Gold Standard worldwide and is now doing its part to ensure a clean environment through the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions. 

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About GECO Organics

GECO Organics is an organisation dedicated to restoring soil for a sustainabale environment. Established in 2011, the company has developed a 70 acre farm site in Southern Alabama for the creation of an all-natural soil amendment. Some of the company’s product include O.N.E. O.N.E is a “high potency” and nutrituous soil with the capacity to restore any soil and make it a balanced growing medium.

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