REBGLO – An Energy-Efficient Approach Towards Crypto-Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a process through which transactions from various cryptocurrencies are verified and integrated into the blockchain digital ledger. Mining plays a crucial role in the blockchain technology as miners are responsible for authenticating the information presented in the transaction, thereby ensuring security within the system. However, there are certain challenges that impact the efficiency of the mining process that further impacts crypto trading.

Following are the two critical factors that affect the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining:

  • One of the critical internal factors is data transmission loss during the processing phase of cryptocurrency mining. Inefficient data reading and reconstruction results in loss of hash rates.
  • A major external factor impacting the mining process is the excessive consumption of electricity that inadvertently affects mining profitability.

REBGLO – The Energy Efficient Solution

REBGLO Mining System aims to bring an effective solution to the current inefficiencies of the mining process with its Data Transmission System (DTS) technology. The technology aims to solve the scalability concerns and reduce the power consumption in cryptocurrency mining.

Benefits of DTS Technology

  • Advanced Computing Performance

By having the essential data for processing on the main memory and integrating with instruction parallelization in the mining process, it significantly improves the operation performance.

  • Optimized Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS technology makes it possible to obtain mining income at higher levels.

Hettarer Technology

REBGLO has designed and developed a unique electromagnetic sticker that classifies elementary particles into a constitution state. Subsequently, the arranged particles form a protective layer that repels electromagnetic noise a key factor impacting battery longevity. It reduced the high-frequency generated from the electronic equipment, thereby increasing the power storage speed and boosting the power generation efficiency. These stickers have an average lifespan of 90 days. Presently Hettarer technology is available for smartphones and other battery-operated gadgets.

The Hettarer Sticker

This battery performance booster was first designed in Japan and makes use of conducive paper that gathers charged particles from electric current occurring naturally from the device and air. The particles get amplified by the heat of the device battery, resulting in extended battery life and reduced charging time. It is proven to improve battery performance by 20-40 per cent.

HETTARER Improving Crypto Mining

Along with improving battery performance, HETTARER also helps in lowering the high frequency of electric devices by 90%. Therefore, it will significantly increase crypto-mining efficiency when sticker on the crypto-mining rigs. Moreover, tests results revealed that the HETTARER sticker improves the data mining speed as well as the results. Within a time-span of 24-hours, the sticker exhibited an increase of 133% in Monero data mining and a 114% increase in Monero mining rewards in 48-hours through multicurrency mining pool, MinerGate.


REBGLO L2 is the upcoming development phase dedicated to the REBGLO Mining Boost Engine that aims to deliver a futuristic mining ware optimization. The engine will be designed to optimize Instructional Level Parallelisms (ILP) and Thread-Level Parallelisms (TLP) and reduce the cache memory miss penalty via cache memory algorithms. The company also envisions to venture out into Energy Business and Electric Power Business and working towards establishing its own electric power company.

REBGLO – Rebooting the Cryptocurrency Mining Process

REBGLO is a virtual currency project that is promoted under the project name Reboot Globalization. The fundamental vision of this project is to eliminate the inefficiencies of the crypto-mining process and make it more efficient. Through its DTS system and HECTTARER technology, the ecosystem envisions to solve the inadequacies and extend a more effective and energy-efficient approach towards cryptocurrency mining.

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