Rebecca Massey with Papertown Digital Solutions publications published the last book of Colton’s Pocket Dragon series in December 2021

Rebecca Massey, the author of all Colton books, released the last book of Colton’s Pocket Dragon series – Colton’s Pocket Dragon: Book 14: Nessie. The book was published by Papertown Digital Solutions LLC on December 20, 2021.

Rebecca Massey’s Colton Books are all about the fantasy world of dragons and many other creatures. Colton’s book’s stories always come with a wonderful story to keep the children entertained. The first book of Colton’s Pocket Dragon Series was published on 27 February 2013, continued with many other books to the 14th one published in 2021. All these books carry different types of beautiful stories; thus, has received the best rating. Other than these 14 Pocket dragon book series Rebecca Massey has also released Colton’s Time Machine book series with stories of time travelling. But all these books are based on Colton and his dragons which gives much more excitement to children. The 14th Book is all about a mythical creature, a baby loch-ness monster, and Colton trying to find its parents along with his dragon.

Colton’s Pocket Dragon: Book 14: Nessie

Rebecca Massey’s wonderful story in the 14th Book starts with Colton finding an egg of a mystical monster. It later hatches, revealing a baby loch-ness monster, and Colton keeps it in his bathtub. Colton realizes that he can’t keep the baby loch-ness there for long; thus, goes out in search of its parents. With his beloved dragon, Kolta Colton starts his adventure in the all-new fantasy world of mystical creatures, monsters, and many others. This exciting and beautiful children’s story is sure to attract children and help them learn and enjoy. To explore the whole story and know about the adventures of Colton, Colton’s Pocket Dragon: Book 14 is now available for purchase at Amazon

Rebeca Massey has written many children’s books, and Colton’s books are one of her best. For the wide range of readers and Colton fans (children), she released 14 books in Colton’s Pocket Dragon series and six books in Colton’s Time Machine series. The relation between both these book series is the characters Colton and his dragons. All the stories are completely fictional with excitingly new components, creatures, and adventures; that is sure to attract the readers. These stories will help the children to improve their skills and will give them more knowledge.

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