Reasons Why People Need the Services of a Family Lawyer

There are several reasons why people need the services of a family lawyer.  One of the main reasons is divorce since this can be a complicated process.  When you get in touch with the legal team at Eidelman and Associates, you can make your divorce a little easier on yourself and your family.  

One of the main concerns divorcing couples have is who will assume custody of the children.  If one parent has been the stay-at-home parent during the marriage, this parent will likely take full-time custody.  The other parent will likely have part-time custody and visitation rights to ensure that both parents remain in the child’s life.  If both parents live in the same city or region, custody arrangements, custody arrangements may include living with one parent during the week and living with the other parent on the weekends.  If the parents do not live in the same area, the child will likely live with one parent most of the time and visit the other parent during summers and holidays.   However, some couples decide on the joint custody option.  This means that both parents spend the same amount of time with the child.

While some couples can come up with custody arrangements on their own and bring them to court, there may be instances where a lawyer needs to be more involved in helping couples through the custody process.  Eidelman and Associates will go over the proper legal documents with divorcing couples and explain the different custody options so families can choose what will work for them.

Another major issue that comes with divorce is the division of property and finances.  In some instances, the parent who has stayed home with the children will likely remain in the family home.  The other parent will move out of the home, which means that now the family has to pay for two residences.  The parent who does not live with the child/children will usually be required to pay child support as well.  A qualified lawyer who is experienced in family law matters can work with couples to determine how much child support should be based on the paying parent’s income and the needs/ages of the child/children.  

For couples who have more than one property or divorcing couples who own valuable assets or businesses together, working with a lawyer will help couples find a way to divide these assets fairly.  For instance, the person who ran the primarily ran the business during the marriage will likely receive ownership in the divorce.  However, the other individual who did not participate as much in the business directly may get a smaller percentage of the business in the divorce.  However, if one parent is employed and the other is not the parent without income will likely be awarded valuable assets to have the financial means to take care of childcare and paying bills.  

Clients in Pennsylvania can contact Eidelman and Associates for more information on family law, custody and divorce.   

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