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“Look Forward, See Behind”
The RearViz rear view mirror has been designed to improve rearward visibility whilst cycling or commuting. It has been developed with practicality, convenience and, above all, safety in mind. The RearViz can be worn anywhere on the arm from the lower wrist to the upper bicep and is fully adjustable. The RearViz is fully rotatable 360° and pivots 180° to enable the user to adjust the gadget into the most desirable position whilst riding.

The RearViz Mirror is a patented Arm-mountable rear vision mirror for cyclists featuring a collapsible convex mirror and neoprene armbands.

COO of RVI Active, Kayla Crane is a huge believer of innovation and creating versatile safety products that are high-quality, stylish and weather resistant.

The RearViz Mirror range is distributed via 16 countries and sells to over 84 countries directly through their e-commerce website.

This mirror has been ergonomically designed to be lightweight and efficient in providing safety through rearward traffic awareness.

“My passion for sustainability, regular travel and adventuring had me thinking of the everyday impact of how we transport ourselves and get around. In Australia, it can be pretty difficult to get around by walking.

“So I thought, what better way to travel than via a road bike? It ticks all the boxes, being eco-friendly and a great way to get fit, but something stood in my way regarding the safety and carelessness of drivers.

“The RearViz mirror solves that problem by providing access to rear-facing vision to keep cyclists out of harm’s way!” says Kayla Crane.

RVI Active is the Australian, family owned and operated entrepreneurial enterprise, which invented and stocks the RearViz product range for cyclists.

The primary competitive advantage of a RearViz mirror is that, unlike conventional mirrors, RearViz is secured to the user’s arm to avoid road vibrations affecting the clarity of vision.

The Classic RearViz Mirror launched in 2013 and the range now features three mirror types including the SL-15 Slim Line Mirror and ST-35 Sports Mirror.

Each different edition mirror caters for different wear and user preferences, with the Classic featuring a medical ID tag pouch for added safety.

The range also features a Universal Camera Mount which can be used with any compatible action camera to obtain footage of customers sporting activities.

The RearViz is regularly featured at national and international cycling trade shows and works hard to be an active member of each individual community.

After unprecedented growth in the cyclist market, RVI Active is on route to expanding into an international marketplace for fitness gadgets and accessories.

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