Real people’s unique testimonials key to arthritis product’s grassroots support on verge of launch

Veronica Borrowdale, Susan Davia among first Americans to praise new natural formula after experiencing its healing power for themselves

San Francisco – A high-stress job in sales and marketing at renowned Bay Area tech accelerator campus RocketSpace took its toll on Veronica Borrowdale.

“I am a very bad grinder and clencher,” she said, touching her cheek. “During the night and during the day. I’ve had kind of constant soreness and pain in my jaw.”

That ache became her constant, unwelcome companion.

“People who grind and clench [their jaws] kind of get used to the soreness and pain,” she added. “So then we end up not really realizing that we have that, and just live with it.”

Through word of mouth, she heard about 4JOINTZ®, a product her RocketSpace neighbor, Arthritis Relief Plus (ARP), is launching on Indiegogo in November. She got a sample.

“It’s amazing,” she said in a video posted on “After using 4JOINTZ for a week and a half or two weeks, I’ve noticed that it’s not as sore anymore. It’s so great. I would 100 percent, hands down, absolutely recommend 4JOINTZ to anybody.”

It was wholehearted support like Borrowdale’s that led to ARP’s inclusion in the Australian government’s Landing Pad initiative, and brought it to RocketSpace in August. Since then, a lucky few Americans—including Borrowdale—have had the chance to try it for themselves.

Like hundreds of other arthritis sufferers and doctors who have used this natural botanical topical formula and raved about it in its native Australia, Borrowdale wasn’t paid to promote it. Nor was she coached. She just chose to share her own genuine experience.

Marin County chiropractic doctor Jesper Lundbaek recently shared samples of 4JOINTZ with patients suffering peripheral joint pain, who quickly reported positive outcomes.

“People have said right away that they feel less pain,” Dr. Lundbaek noted. “They’ve had a moderate amount of relief from their arthritic pain, and their joint pain. They are telling me that it’s quite comfortable.

“I like to have a product that’s natural. That helps the patient with confidence, they don’t have to worry about side effects, and I don’t have to worry about their side effects either.”

While its patented Acteev® technology has been clinically tested at Stanford and other major universities in the U.S. and Australia—with results published in peer-reviewed journals—the success of this product derives from broad community support. It’s not just what they say, either; how people talk about 4JOINTZ’s benefits communicates worlds: Their direct gaze, their tone of voice, their smiles and laughter suggest their healing reminds them of once again living without pain, sleeping soundly, holding a grandchild or golf club, taking a step without hitch or hesitation.

A longtime secretary in Lundbaek’s Mill Valley office, Susan Davia knows a thing or two about joint pain. Which made her own “constant” pain after knee replacement surgery a tad ironic, but no less taxing.

In the three years since her surgery, Davia tried the full complement of over-the-counter options currently available: painkiller pills, heating creams, balms—all to no avail. And “heavier” medications aren’t an option for Davia, due to her “bad reactions” to them.

“Nothing seemed to help, but 4JOINTZ was a big surprise, and it was a positive one,” Davia recalls, in one of numerous video testimonials on “I don’t suddenly have that pain and have to wait a couple of moments before taking a step.”

It’s anticipated 4JOINTZ will delay some arthritis sufferers’ need for surgery, and that others will be able to avoid medical intervention needed to treat side effects of Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in common painkillers.

But as Borrowdale and Davia’s stories suggest, every person’s healing experience is unique.

“I’m quite amazed at the result, and I would never say that if it wasn’t absolutely true,” Davia adds. “I can even feel where it hurt,” she says, smiling and rubbing the spot on her right knee that gave her so much trouble. “What’s in that stuff?”

Eucalyptus Oil, Tannic Acid and Allantoin (from Comfrey) are the active ingredients in 4JOINTZ, a non-prescription product made from nature and backed by science.

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