A company that is experts in social media marketing for lead generation and many more. Getting targeted home shoppers on the largest social media network on the planet are insanely profitable.

August 4, 2018 – Real Estate Lead Club proudly announce the launching of their amazing promotion for real estate. They are promoting real estate using Facebook ads, and they are currently offering 14 days free trial to their new client.  As we all know, Facebook Lead Ads has been a revolutionary tool for advertisers of all sizes, giving businesses the opportunity to collect quality leads even without a website.

Real Estate Lead Club has a unique method to create a targeted Facebook ad for their client that why they are offering a free trial for 14 days. They will help any real estate with a crucial part of Lead Ads: Connect the CRM or ESP provider to activate pipelines right away which is crucial for the success of a Facebook Lead Ads campaign.

In the last 20 months, we helped businesses collecting more than 10 million leads with Facebook Lead Ads, and we decided to share with you some insights, which show how they impacted companies’ revenue across the World and industries.

Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly active users. You can all but guarantee that whatever business you run and in whatever industry or niche, a good percentage of your target audience will be on Facebook. If you are not using Facebook Lead Ads, let Real Estate Lead Club help you create and run Facebook ads on your behave because they have a lot of experts who are ready to use their talent for your benefit.

About Real Estate Lead Club

Real Estate Lead Club are experts in Social Media media marketing for Lead Generation.

Real Estate Lead Club services cover Traffic Research, Campaign Design, Targeting/Retargeting and Lead Generation.

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