Real Estate Agent in Rosemount, MN, Debunks Commission Settlement Myths

Real Estate Agent in Rosemount, MN, Debunks Commission Settlement Myths

Jeff Scislow, a leading real estate agent in Rosemount, MN, is taking a stand against the spread of misinterpretations regarding the real estate commission settlement recently reported by various news outlets. Misinterpretations of this settlement have led to the erroneous belief that Realtors have agreed to reduce their commissions, a narrative Scislow is eager to correct.

“The truth of the matter,” Scislow explains, “is that the settlement addresses the distribution of commissions between brokers, not the reduction of commission rates.” He emphasizes that the ability to negotiate commission rates has been a long-standing practice within the industry, safeguarded by both listing and buyer representation agreements.

With changes anticipated to be implemented in July, Scislow highlights the importance of understanding what is actually being modified. Notably, the disclosure of compensation offers via MLS will cease, and buyers will need to engage in a representation agreement before home viewings. These updates aim to enhance transparency and professionalism within the Rosemount, MN Realtors community.

As a real estate selling agent in Rosemount, MN, with an impressive 37-year career and over 3300 home sales to his name, Scislow is a respected authority on the matter. His advice to those puzzled by recent headlines is to seek accurate information from reliable sources.

For homeowners and prospective buyers in need of clarity regarding the recent changes, Jeff Scislow offers his expertise. Recognized for his integrity and honesty, Scislow continues to serve as a trusted real estate agent in the area, guiding clients through the complexities of real estate transactions with ease and confidence.

Visit Jeff Scislow’s website at for more information or contact him directly to discuss how these developments may affect you. Jeff is committed to providing the real facts, ensuring his clients are well-informed and prepared for their real estate journey.

“Let’s dispel the myths together and focus on the facts,” Scislow concludes, inviting those interested to reach out for a truthful perspective on real estate commissions.

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