ReadyTricks has Released Premium Features of Lucky Patcher Apk for Android and Windows

Lucky Patcher is a tool that will allow you to enjoy the Premium version of a large number of applications without spending a penny. Here we tell you the small details about Features and using this simple and useful Android application.

Lucky Patcher is an Android application that is one of the most popular rooted applications. The application can patch many applications and games, you can block ads from applications, you can remove unwanted system applications, you can remove unwanted permissions from the application and with Lucky Patcher Apk, You can back up the applications installed on your SD card. In fact, Lucky Patcher is an all-in-one patch tool for Android.

With Lucky Patcher, You can control the applications installed on your device. To take this control over the applications, you need an Android rooted to get all the features of the application. Although the application can do many tasks without access to the root. Lucky Patcher can be downloaded for free, but we recommend that you download it only from verified sites, since many sites shared a fake one.

Lucky Patcher Features:

Lucky Patcher searches for all applications at startup and shows the applications that can be repaired. When you launch the application, you will see all the applications and games installed on your device. Then you can select the application you want to patch. The application also shows which one has ads and which has a custom patch.

Lucky Patcher can remove the purchase verification of the application for many applications and Android games. If you want to use paid applications for free, this feature will help you a lot. The application can avoid license verification easily.

Lucky Patcher can modify many popular games for Android. Unlock many features of the games. Many game developers are very greedy today. They asked for so much money to obtain gems. With this application, you can modify many games and get unlimited gems or coins for free.

Lucky Patcher is an all-in-one application that can block boring advertisements for Android applications and free games. Everyone is disliked by ads on Android apps or free games. With this application, you can block ads from most of the application easily.
You can back up applications and patched games. After patching any application or game, you can make a full backup of the patched application.

Backup of any application and Android game on your SD card. You can back up your applications or games installed in the memory for later use.

Lucky Patcher can also remove permissions from unwanted applications easily. Some of the applications and games asked for many suspicious permissions for the applications. These types of permits can be harmful to you. With that application, you can remove any unwanted application permission.

Lucky Patcher shows a different color accent to understand the state of the applications.

Custom patch options are available. A custom patch can be used to modify many applications and games.

Some of the features do not need root access. Lucky patcher can do some of the tasks without root, but you must root your Android if you want to enjoy all the features of the application.

How to Use the Application?

Lucky Patcher is a very simple application, with it you can eliminate license checks and annoying ads in a matter of seconds. Of course, to use it you must be a root user. Just open the app you will find a list of installed applications marked in different colors. Before showing you how to unblock them you need to know the color indications to avoid inconveniences:

Green: these apps can register almost safely

Yellow: There is a special patch available to unlock this application

Blue: app with ads

Violet: apps marked for patching when the mobile restarts

Red: this app can not be patched

Orange: these are the system applications, we recommend you do not touch them

Now that you know the differences between the different colors you can easily identify the apps to patch. Here’s how to proceed for each of the possibilities offered by Lucky Patcher: remove license verification, remove ads and apply specific patches.

Remove License Verification:

Click on the application for a few seconds and then select the option “Remove license verification”

Now selecting “automatic mode”

In case it does not work, try the “automatic reverse mode” or the “extreme automatic mode”

Once finished the procedure you can patch all the apps you like and then restart the mobile (it is important that you do not open any patched app until you restart the computer)

Remove Ads:

Press on the app for a few seconds and choose the option “Remove ads”

When you finish you can continue with other applications, remember not to open them until you restart your mobile

Apply Specific Patch:

Press a few seconds on the application and select the option “Specific patch”

As with the previous ones, you can patch other apps, but not open them until you restart the computer

That’s it, once the phone is restarted you can enjoy your full apps or without ads. If you find it useful, we invite you to leave your opinion in the comments: have you found any problem? How has your experience with Lucky Patcher been?

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