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I wonder how many more would get a First if, the 72% who suffer Asthenopia had better “access to digital text” ???

Fact: Asthenopia or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a Global Pandemic in in education and the workplace…

Screen Fatigue, as it is known in the UK, affects the majority of Display Screen user operators starting in education and continuing into the workplace limiting access to on-screen digital text by an average of 20%, lost productivity, calculated in UK workplaces to cost employers £30bn in presenteeism and double that in social costs.

This has always been preventable or at least potentially mitigated for the majority of DSE operators simply by adapting or customising their DSE interface ergonomics / optimising sub-optimal screen settings thereby, reducing visual stress and improving “accessibility to digital text”!

Although, recognised as an industrial disease by the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) for some reason, employers and the UK Gov / HSE have refused to acknowledge it for the last 25 years dismissing it as a, sort of, temporary anomaly although, far from temporary lasting for three hours or more after coming off-screen every day.

Of course, I suppose it is always easier to blame the user operator by suggesting it is their failure in compliance and their lack of resilience to a known and significantly debilitating workplace stressor.

There have been various intuitive / subjective methods for optimising screen ergonomics / accessibility for 30 years and for the last 10 years an “OBJECTIVE” and measurable DSE Risk Assessment has been available in education although, not adopted in the workplace.

But, and it’s a big but, like any disability if, you measure it you have to do something about it and they do not like that at all.

That would mean that they would have to “screen everyone” in education and the workplace for Dyslexia & Asthenopia !!!!

One in four degrees is first-class. Official figures show a sharp rise since 2012 in the share of graduates getting a first.

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