Razor Blade Market: Asia Pacific is the most dominating region in this market

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Gillette, which dominates the global razor business, has long followed a simple and lucrative strategy, add new features and raise prices, which affects the increase of market in the forecast.

Razor Blade Market Overview:

Razor blade is made up of stainless steel with a composition of chromium between 12 and 14.5%, a carbon content of approximately 0.6%. They are mainly categorized depending on their edges like single and double edge razor blades and their applications. There are 5 Kinds of razors include Straight razors, Disposable razor, Cartridge Razors, Safety Razors and Electric razors. New data show Gillette’s share of the men’s-razors business rise to 68% in 2016, from 52% in 2015 and more to 74% in 2017, supporting the anticipation that the forecast period of Razor blade market is going to rise at 4% every year. Combined, the two companies’ share of the U.S. market rose to 12.2% in 2018, up from 7.2% in 2017.

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Razor Blade market size will be XX million USD by 2023, from the XX million USD in 2017 with a CAGR of XX% between 2017 and 2023.

Razor Blade Market Drivers and Restraints:

Gillette, which dominates the global razor business, has long followed a simple and lucrative strategy, add new features and raise prices, which affects the increase of market in the forecast. The increasing demand for steel supports the market growth as stainless steel is the prominent material to use in the manufacturing of razor blades. Disposable razors are inexpensive and sold in packs of between ten and twenty, which leads to the increase of market in highly populated areas with an affordable price. An electric razor can be used without shaving cream and can be used on the go, complementing the market in richest countries like the UK. However, it all depends on the customer comfort of choosing a correct razor blade to avoid nicks and small cuts. Though electric razors are convenient and quick, many men complain of irritated skin after using them which may affect the market over the forecast period.

Razor Blade Market Geographical Segmentation:

On the Geographical basis, China and Japan are determined to remain dominant markets during the estimated period with the growth of 68%. North America is estimated to register significant growth during the forecast period, owing to growth of stainless-steel manufacturing companies. Europe, India and North America are expected to be profitable regions over the forecast period with 4% increase rate every year.

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Key Players of Razor Blade Market:

The key vendors in the global razor blade market are Gillette, Energizer, DORCO, Laser Razor Blades, Harry’s, BIC, Lord, Ningbo Jiali, Liyu Razor, Supermax, Benxi Jincheng, Kaili Razor, and Shanghai Cloud.

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