Rayne Michael spills his heart on new R&B/Pop song \”Baby I See\”

Rayne Michael has amassed a following based off of the strength of his breathtaking acoustic remixes via his youtube channel, where he has covered hits from stars like: Sam Smith, Adele, The Beatles, Prince, etc.

Now prepare yourself for a very emotional journey as the R&B/Pop recording sensation pours his heart out on his own original song titled “Baby I See”. Rayne commits all of his talent to reminisce over a tainted relationship that was filled with lies, deceit and the ultimate betrayal.

The song effectively showcases his vocal range and superior song writing abilities over a masterful edgy pop track produced by PU Muusik.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/LNfURJ7UaH4

Rayne says, “Music has a way of reaching people like nothing in this world can. I only wish to inspire others the way that I have been inspired…” He recently shared his unique story with USA Blog Network’s TheDopeness series.
Checkout the in-depth interview and listen to “Baby I See” today on Youtube.

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