Raway Organic Creates the Perfect Chocolate Bar That’s Delicious and 100% Raw Vegan Organic

Raway Organic Creates the Perfect Chocolate Bar That’s Delicious and 100% Raw Vegan Organic

Aksana Samy
Founder / Creative Director of Raway Chocolates,
Model, Raw Vegan Chef & Chocolatier
Raway Organic offers 100% percent raw vegan organic chocolate for those who crave a healthy chocolate bar that’s tasty too.

Raway Organic, the chocolate company founded by model and vegan Chef, Aksana Samy, has crafted the perfect chocolate bar for connoisseurs and for those who crave that tasty (but healthy) chocolate fix. The company has reinvented chocolate snack bars by using only USDA organic ingredients, ensuring a healthy and delicious product.

“We are delighted to announce that RAWAY has entered the new world of gourmet chocolate manufacturing, producing 100% organic raw vegan chocolate bars,” says Axana Samy, the founder and the brain behind this vegan and gluten-free bars. “Raway organic chocolates are healthy and offer a delicious alternative to traditional candy bars. I created this delightful and healthy brand to share my chocolate as well as passion for health and happiness with others who also crave appealing and healthy chocolate bars.”

RAWAY chocolate stands apart from other brands in the same niche as it is handmade and also free of artificial ingredients, refined sugars, agave, dairy, gluten, soy, preservatives or GMO’s. The chocolate is neither cooked nor heat-treated. This ensures the preservation of enzymes and the retention of nutrients found in the raw ingredients. The chocolate is pure and balanced, staying true to quality and taste.

Founder Axana Samy has been working as a model for the past 15 years and has traveled all over the world. She has a passion for chocolate but found it difficult to satisfy her cravings as most of the chocolate brands available were either too unhealthy or not tasty enough. Also, being a model, Aksana had to make sure that her chocolate cravings did not affect her body and her professional commitments.

It was the brainchild of Aksana Samy to launch a chocolate company that’s focused on making gourmet, vegan, refined sugar-free chocolate. She became a vegan chef and met many people across the world with the same interest and passion for raw, vegan dark chocolates that also meet her standards in taste.

Aksana also met some of the best health and wellness experts who soon became her closest advisors. With their support and guidance, she gained an appreciation of how to acquire, create and cook the healthiest foods possible.

Raway Organic has made a fabulous start in the new world of gourmet chocolate manufacturing. They make only 100% organic raw vegan chocolate bars of the highest quality. The brand steers clear of ingredients such as refined sugar, agave, dairy, gluten, soy, preservatives and GMOs. These chocolates are also one of the best in terms of taste.

Customers can browse through the company website to find the various varieties of Raway chocolates and buy online. The website was created by a Top Digital Marketing Agency – Screen Media Group, based in Miami, Florida.

About Raway Organic:

Raway Organic was founded by Model and Raw, Vegan Chef, Aksana Samy to satiate her craving for healthy and tasty chocolates. The existing brands available did not live up to her taste and quality expectations. Raway chocolates are free from refined sugar, agave, dairy gluten, soy, preservative, and other such ingredients. The 100% raw vegan organic dark chocolate can be ordered online from the company website.

For more information, visit https://rawaychocolates.com

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