RAV Charities launches GoFundMe campaign to Build Housing for Homeless Veterans

Non-profit organization, RAV Charities, launches the Homeless Veteran Housing fundraising campaign on GoFundMe

RAV Charities has launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe in line with the organization’s goals of making the world a better place particularly for the forgotten men and women of the armed forces. The Homeless Veteran Housing campaign aims to raise a total of $15 million and is being championed by Roberto Vatical, a homeless veteran living on the streets of San Francisco, California and has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Veterans are one category of people that deserve all the respect and honor they can possibly get. This is so as they defended the sovereignty of the state when it mattered most, putting everything on the line to ensure that the nation is safe. Unfortunately, many sufferers do not only suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but also have no decent place to rest their heads, with studies showing that there are over 40,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Roberto Vatical is consequently aiming to change this rather unfortunate situation with RAV Charities and the launch of the fundraising campaign.

The campaign aims to provide decent housing for disabled and homeless veterans across the nation. The Homeless Veteran Housing fundraising campaign also aims to raise awareness about the sufferings of veterans including PTSD with shocking statistics showing that 31% of Vietnam War veterans and 11% of Afghanistan veterans suffer from PTSD and 22% of veterans seek help outside of the Veterans Association for their mental health with One veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes.

Every single dollar funded toward the project will bring thousands of homeless veterans one step closer to having a safe place to rest and live a normal life as opposed to sleeping on a park bench and eating scrap foods.

The Build Housing for Homeless Veterans fundraising campaign can be supported on GoFundMe, offering an easy way of helping thousands of veterans across the US with each contribution translating into one 2×4, one screw, one roof shingle, one bed, and a host of others.

About RAV Charities

RAV Charities is a non-profit that aims to alleviate the sufferings of war veterans in different parts of the United States by offering innovative solutions to the several challenges faced by this unique set of people.

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