Ramtin Bidares of Nft.pub Raises The Bar In the NFT Space

NFT project consultant and founder of Nft.pub, Ramtin Bidares, continues to push boundaries in the crypto space amidst collaborations with notable names across industries

Ramtin Bidares is undoubtedly making his mark in the blockchain space, especially in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), judging by the feats achieved by the strategist in recent times. As the founder of Nft.pub, a strategist, and an NFT project consultant, Ramtin and his team have been able to help bring several works to life, partnering with personal as well as institutional brands to help them enjoy the benefits of NFTs.

According to a recent report published by Valuates Reports, the global NFT market size was valued at $1553.6 million in 2021. The report also projected the market size to hit $7390.8 million by 2028, driven by the need to improve trading market efficiency as well as artists, content creators, and different categories of creatives looking to leverage the concept to monetize their craft. While the figures show impressive performances in the global NFT market and huge potential in the future, interested persons still struggle to get into the space. However, Ramtin Bidares and the rest of Nft.pub have been working tirelessly to change this narrative by creating an enabling environment that enables as many people as possible to become creators, sellers, and investors in non-fungible tokens.

Ramtin Bidares owns the popular Grandpa Ape Country Club, an NFT collection with 5k items. He also owns over 40 other NFT items of different categories, including Neptune, The Future, The Almighty Dollar, Mutant SmartBeast, and a host of others.

Ramtin has also demonstrated his mastery of the blockchain space as a strategist and NFT project consultant, working with names from different industries as well as individuals from all walks of life to promote their works to the right audience. He has been able to leverage his experience and strong network in the tech world and blockchain field to grow brands to become bestsellers in the NFT market.

For further information about Ramtin Bidares and his works as an NFT marketing strategist, visit Instagram.

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