Raleigh Dentist Explains 3 Drugstore Dental Products to Avoid

Thompson Family Dentistry in Raleigh, North Carolina released an article explaining how there are few products that drug stores carry on their shelves that are somewhat questionable. Some of these products aren’t as effective, essential, or helpful as the packaging may claim.

Dr. Ben Thompson and Dr. Susan Thompson are the founders of Thompson Family Dentistry. They say knowing which items to avoid at these drug stores can help you to save a few dollars and avoid an unwanted outcome.

Here is one of the items the area’s top dentists think you should avoid in the drug store:

The Drugstore Bite Guard:

This appliance is used to control nighttime clenching and grinding, but it must be precisely constructed and custom-fitted for you by a dentist in order to be effective. The boil-and-bite method of the drugstore version features a rubbery texture that can actually encourage more nighttime chewing, leading to more strain on the jaw joints and muscles.

The professional version of this appliance is made of a hard acrylic that cannot be chewed and it promotes relaxation in the jaw joint while also protecting the teeth.

Bottom line: Store bought guards can make the problem worse instead of better.

To see the remaining two products you should avoid in the drug store, you can read the full article at http://www.thompsonfamilydentistry.com/blog/3-drugstore-dental-products-avoid/

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