‘Raise Vegan’ Becomes the Largest Community of Vegan Parents Worldwide

January 25th, 2018 – Turning vegan is not merely a dietary choice, but an adoption of a lifestyle devoted to sustainability and compassion. The world’s very first free vegan parenting magazine, ‘Raise Vegan’, is now leading the march with its coverage of everything vegans, parents and pregnant mothers ought to know. 

‘Raise Vegan’ is supported by the largest parenting community and network worldwide. The magazine is where vegans learn about vegan pregnancy, infancy, parenting, and indispensible plant-based recipes that make for a complete and healthy meal.  ‘Raise Vegan’ covers virtually every topic of interest, such as vegan pregnancy and home birth, vegan baby weaning, toddle meal guides, teenage year guides, vegan gardening and vegan protein boosts. The recipe pages are devoted to main courses, kid friendly dishes, snacks and smoothies.

“We are now the largest vegan parenting community in the world. Everything you want or need to know about raising vegan families is here. You are the creators of the vegan generation. Be the change, Raise Vegan!” says Janet Kearney – Founder, ‘Raise Vegan’.

Choosing a new lifestyle mandates upgrading the mind, changing the software, and clearing away misconceptions and prejudices. ‘Raise Vegan’ aims to do this through education and support to those who are currently vegan or wish to become one. By changing the perspective, the magazine helps vegans live ethically and stay in touch with real life. Vegan parents will thus find ready answers to their most common doubts, such as how to get more protein, soy and hormone response, alternatives to cow milk, does a vegan formula exist, and when can a baby try peanut butter. ‘Raise Vegan’ also offers connections with certified lactation consultants from the comfort of home.

‘Raise Vegan’ is run by two women, Emily L. Wood and Janet Kearney, who are full time professionals in their respective fields. Their definition of veganism is a life attitude that supports sustainability and boycotts any kind of exploitation and waste, with the bonus of staying healthy, in all the possible ways of the quotidian. The magazine also brings out a mini printable magazine for vegan kids, and operates a premium Facebook page for the vegan community. ‘Raise Vegan’ is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

For more information, please visit: www.raisevegan.com

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