Rabeinu Bachya’s book, “Gate of Trust,” available now on amazon.com as audio book

1,000 years book of ancient wisdom translated by Rabbi Yosef Sebag and narrated by Larry Oliver

For the first time ever, the famous “Gate of Trust, Duties of the Heart: Gate four”, written about ten centuries ago in Spain by Rabeinu Bachya, a game changer of his time, is now available for sale on Amazon.com. It is a guide book, providing practical teachings on how to live emotionally healthy by trusting in God. Unlike the physical book, this 3 hour 9 minutes audio book is easy to assimilate and understand, helping people learn the lessons that will improve their life and business.

For those who prefer listening, this is it. It surpasses the original book that is hard to read because it was written in the language of the time, then translated to classical Hebrew, before being translated into English. “You can listen to it on the go”, said Rabbi Shimon Chyrek, Project Coordinator.

The book speaks about two areas of life, those you can and those you can’t affect. Many people focus their emotional energy on both; they sap their energy on things they can’t make a difference about.  This book teaches you how to eliminate anxiety and focus on the things that matter most, naturally allowing you to be more productive.

World renown scholars and Kabbalists like R’ Yosef Caro, the Holy Arizal, R’ Pinchas Korets, the Chasam Sofer and leaders of today recommend the study of this book.

Audio book lovers have said that they implement what they “heard” faster than by reading. The physical book may take weeks, or even months to finish, the audio book lasts for just over 3 hours.  Audio books also provide a fun and relaxing way to learn new things and acquire new knowledge.

Larry Oliver, Professional Voice Actor and Narrator who has recorded many commercials and audio books over the years, narrates the audio book.

About Rabeinu Bachya’s book
Rabeinu Bachya’s book “The Gate of Trust” is based on the seven principals of trust and is available on Amazon.com, audible and iTunes. It is a guide book for people, to help them trust in God and focus their emotional and mental resources on the things that matter. 

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