Quickads.ai, The Next-Gen AI-Powered Ad Platform, Launched

Quickads.ai redefines ad creation with revolutionary AI-powered features.

Quickads.ai, an innovative next-generation AI Ad platform, was launched on Aug 23. This unique platform is set to revolutionize how ads are created and maximize advertising campaign effectiveness. Backed by the innovation and expertise of 88 Ventures, Quickads.ai is set to transform the advertising landscape with its remarkable features and capabilities.

Quickads.ai emerged from its early-stage journey under the wings of 88 Ventures, a company known for its forward-thinking approach to technology. With meticulous nurturing and continuous improvements, Quickads.ai has evolved into an AI-powered platform that simplifies ad creation like never before.

Quickads.ai introduces an array of cutting-edge features to streamline ad creation and enhance campaign quality. The platform offers virtual product photography, eliminating the need for expensive photoshoots while allowing advertisers to produce captivating visual content effortlessly. Additionally, Quickads.ai provides a selection of domain-specific ad templates that can be personalized to align with each brand’s unique requirements. Crafting compelling ad copies is made easy through the platform’s AI-generated ad copies feature, saving valuable time on copywriting tasks. Moreover, Quickads.ai’s advanced error detection and content refreshing capabilities ensure advertisers can confidently bid farewell to embarrassing errors and outdated ad content.

Quickads.ai stands out with its versatility, offering a staggering 15 different ad formats to cater to a wide range of advertising needs. Additionally, the platform supports over 30 foreign languages, enabling advertisers to connect with global audiences in their preferred language.

The launch of Quickads.ai brings forth three distinct plans, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage its power:

Starter (Free): A perfect fit for startups looking to harness the potential of GenAI technologies while staying on a budget. This plan helps maximize efficiencies in ad campaigns and is ideal for small and medium businesses aiming to scale their advertising efforts.

Pro ($49/month): Geared towards brands and agencies that engage in extensive advertising, the Pro plan offers the ability to A/B test various ad variations, ensuring the most effective campaigns.

Infinity ($99/month): Designed specifically for advertising agencies, the Infinity plan equips them to cater to a multitude of clients effortlessly, expanding their offerings and capabilities.

Quickads.ai isn’t just another ad platform; it’s a game-changer that harnesses the power of AI to craft winning ads effortlessly. With features like virtual product photography, customizable ad templates, and AI-generated ad copies, Quickads.ai empowers advertisers to create high-quality campaigns that resonate with their audiences.

Embrace the future of ad creation with Quickads.ai. Users can visit https://www.quickads.ai to explore the platform’s features and plans and unlock the potential to revolutionize advertising campaigns.

About the Company:

Quickads.ai is an AI-powered ad platform that simplifies ad creation, offering features like virtual product photography, AI-generated ad copies, and domain-specific ad templates. Backed by 88 Ventures, Quickads.ai redefines the advertising landscape by providing advertisers with the tools they need to create exceptional campaigns effortlessly.

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