Queens Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Addresses the Prevalence of Injuries on New York Construction Sites

Queens Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Addresses the Prevalence of Injuries on New York Construction Sites

Queens construction accident lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez (https://accidentlawyer-queens.com/what-are-the-most-common-causes-of-injuries-on-a-construction-site-in-new-york/) of K.L. Sanchez Law Office, P.C., has recently published an insightful article detailing the most frequent causes of injuries on construction sites throughout New York. The article, which serves as both a resource for industry professionals and a guide for those affected by construction accidents, highlights the various risks that construction workers face daily.

Construction sites are notorious for their potential dangers, and as outlined by the Queens construction accident lawyer, the high incidence of injuries and fatalities is a significant concern for the industry. The article sheds light on the precarious nature of construction work and the unsettling regularity of accidents that occur within these environments.

“Construction workers are exposed to many risks that can lead to devastating consequences,” explains the Queens construction accident lawyer. “Understanding these hazards is the first step toward prevention and safety.” According to the article, falls from heights, being struck by falling objects, electrocutions, and machinery accidents rank among the top causes of construction site injuries.

The article delves into the statistics, showing that falls, for instance, account for approximately one-third of all construction-related accidents. These incidents often occur when workers are required to navigate high elevations without adequate fall protection.

Furthermore, the piece by the Queens construction accident lawyer outlines the potential for serious incidents involving falling debris, electrocutions, and even burns resulting from explosions. These situations underscore the necessity for strict adherence to safety protocols and proper equipment usage on construction sites.

Sanchez emphasizes the importance of legal guidance following an accident. “When injuries occur, it is vital for workers to know their rights and the pathways available for seeking compensation,” she states. The article goes on to discuss the legal protections afforded to construction workers in New York, including the ability to pursue claims for personal injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages.

The Queens construction accident lawyer also touches on the availability of workers’ compensation benefits and possible entitlements to Social Security Disability benefits in the event of permanent disability due to a workplace accident. Sanchez’s comprehensive article serves as a crucial reminder of the legal support available to injured construction workers.

The article stresses the dynamic nature of construction sites and the continuous need for safety vigilance. With proper awareness and safety measures in place, the frequency of injuries can be reduced, fostering safer work environments for all construction personnel.

For individuals affected by a construction site accident, seeking experienced legal counsel is paramount. The Queens construction accident lawyer and her team at K.L. Sanchez Law Office offers extensive experience in handling such cases and provides consultations to those seeking assistance and potential compensation for their injuries.

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K.L. Sanchez Law Office, P.C., led by Keetick L. Sanchez, is a law firm dedicated to advocating for the rights of construction workers and others who have been injured due to workplace accidents. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those in the construction industry, the firm works tirelessly to provide comprehensive legal support to its clients. The firm is committed to helping injured workers navigate the complexities of the legal system to obtain the compensation and justice they deserve.


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