Quarantine is necessary, but not enough

Quarantine is necessary, but not enough

Covid-19 side effects in quarantine
Quarantine without training leads to a stressful quarantine which can make people ill, and the government must invite the entrepreneur for innovating new technique for promoting people skills during this time.

Toronto – April 2, 2020 – Although quarantine is the most effective way of controlling the Coronavirus, it is not enough because Quarantine can be extremely stressful if the government does not support the isolated person.

The stress of recession, losing a job and having no income, conflicts with a spouse, managing the two overactive kids in a small rental apartment, and the stress of dealing with the neighbors can affect the mind and body and suppress the immune system.

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, a Neuroscientist, said, “The human body needs a strong immune system to fight the Coronavirus, and stress is a major contributor to weakening it.” And added that “Stressful quarantine can lead to weakening the immune system and it can increase the risk of social conflicts and trigger more serious symptoms.”

To manage stress, people need education on how to manage this period of time at home, at a minimum by making money to help the family economic situation and  income, and so continuing to live in a stable atmosphere in order to spend time together happily and without stress.

He also said that quarantine without training leads to a stressful quarantine which can make people ill, and the government must think more about teaching people skills during this time.

Due to the closure of most of the jobs and careers, people are waiting for the government to knock on the door and distribute the money, but that is not possible for a government whose economy is in recession. It is also not a good solution because it causes social laziness and exacerbates the recession itself.

If the government uses this money to promote home-based jobs as well as to provide educational programs to improve family relationships, using online resources for reading books, and working on final exams, they will not only earn money but they will also cause the greatest social event in history.  This means that after the Coronavirus crisis, we will have a less stressful and more educated society. We will also notice a boom in the cultural economy.

Many celebrities have recently launched home exercise challenges which have been very popular. Exercise has many benefits, but we need more serious challenges such as #working in quarantine, #making money in quarantine, and #reading books in quarantine in order to reduce the stress and so strengthen the immune system as well as generate income and overcome the recession. Dr. RG invite all of the celebrities to contact and help him to build up and promote new funactional campaigns. 

“Everyone can download their favorite book or sign up for a training course depending on their personal interests, read them, take tests, and earn money. This means that most of the stressful and devastating problems concerning the immune system will be resolved, and we will not only be able to defeat Coronavirus but also have a better quality of life forever,” Dr. Reza Ghalamghash said.

He added: “We can hope to use education to transform the Coronavirus crisis into an opportunity for promoting the global culture.”

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