Quality HVAC is a Priority in Canada with the Temperature Fluctuations and Storms

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment, maintenance, installation, and repair should always be of the highest quality in Canada.  While individuals outside Canada might well consider the weather as constantly cold, there are severe fluctuations, with extreme heat bearing down immediately after an extreme cold snap.  Add to that the ice storms that can come through without warning, and Canadians know the value of keeping all HVAC equipment in good, solid condition. 

ALP Heating LTD. understands the importance of the best HVAC equipment and services.  Located in Vaughan, ON, this company has earned a five-star rating for its experienced and qualified technicians as well as the quality of the HVAC units that are installed and maintained.  Customer service is a priority and emergencies can be handled in as little as 24 hours. 

Prices on repair and maintenance have always been reasonable, as well as the most affordable pricing of new equipment and installation.  ALP has sweetened the pot of affordability by offering lease/ financing plans that include high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units as low as $69.95 per month.  Old models of furnaces and air-conditioning units will eventually waste money as the efficiency rating does matter tremendously in energy costs. 

Taking advantage of the new lease/financing plans of only $69.95 per month for new equipment, Canadians in and around Vaughan can now replace their old HVAC units with more high-efficiency units without breaking the bank to do so.  Air conditioning now is necessary for Canada, and to add to that, the colder winter months are fast approaching.  There is no better time than now to take advantage of the great lease/financing plans available at ALP Heating LTD for new equipment.

As one client exclaimed, “I knew my furnace needed replacement before the winter months but did not want sub-standard equipment although I was afraid of the costs involved.  ALP lease/financing plans of $69.95 per month allowed me to replace my old inefficient furnace at a cost I could afford. I loved the service and the quality so much I went ahead and had ALP replace my AC unit also to save on energy costs throughout the year.  I recommend them to everyone now!” 

A well-maintained HVAC unit of any type does perform better and last longer.  The initial outlay of having the finest HVAC systems is well worth the cost, as monies are saved year after year on energy bills.  Plus, the properties, whether commercial or residential will see a dramatic increase in value and an increase in comfort for those that either work or live in the properties. 

Being prepared for all types of weather and assisting clients in saving money on the finest HVAC with the new instalment plans is a mission of ALP.  Their clients matter to this company, so do not put off the best in furnace and AC installation, maintenance, or repairs any longer.  Help awaits at a price all Canadians in the Vaughan area can afford because of the lease/financing plans for new equipment.

About ALP Heating Ltd.

ALP Heating LTD. based in Vaughan, ON, is a gold standard in new equipment installation of all HVAC units, whether a furnace, an AC unit, or a combination unit.  Their new lease/purchase financing plans of $69.95 per month are extremely popular.  Repair and maintenance are also available, and the company enjoys five star reviews.  A phone, form and email exist for quick contact, and there is 24-7 emergency service. 

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