Quality Counts in Longevity and Usability When Constructing Tennis Courts

It’s imperative to choose a tennis court construction specialist that is exceptional and affordable.

Crowall Surface Contractors of Ontario, pride themselves on their relationship-building when taking on tennis court projects. Not only do they provide entire tennis court construction using the finest of materials, but their superior craftsmanship can lead to a much longer life span of tennis courts, thus saving costs. Crowall has established itself as an absolute leader in this field with many awards and achievements. While many types of materials can be used for tennis court construction, the best materials are always the best choice. Whether commercial or residential courts, the varieties of materials and layouts are extremely varied. Crowall, however, does seek to use only the very highest-grade materials depending upon usage of the court, and works with each client to determine the type of materials needed as well as the overall tennis court construction cost. The types of materials not only affect the longevity of the court, but are chosen also by the different playing styles. This has led Crowall Surface Contractors to provide the most conscientious and thorough approach to each project. 

The advantage of higher-grade materials and enhanced craftsmanship are numerous.

Durability is always a priority. The approach to each project, because of the differing usages must be always thorough and geared specifically to each client. Crowall offers an approach that will lead to more enjoyment of the court overall. Crowall does understand that tennis court construction cost is always a concern but do encourage clients to choose options in construction that will lead overall to more durability. The selection of materials and methods of construction of courts is complex and involves much more than many clients realize. A tennis court is a major undertaking, with slope, design, and player enjoyment a priority. Water runoff issues and other issues such as fencing are also addressed. It’s a whole package plan that is offered by Crowall and a consultation should occur with this family-run, and consumer-friendly business before taking any steps towards construction of a tennis court or even repair of an existing one. 

Tennis court construction costs are as varied as the type of courts resurfaced or constructed.

Crowall understands that an onsite visit should occur after the first contact with a client as soon as possible. While much information is taken upon an initial inquiry from a client, a visit to a tennis court location to determine the amount of work is also necessary. Tennis court construction varies from indoor to outdoor courts, and also from needs depending upon location and general geographic location. 

Crowall prides itself on the use of court-specific technologies.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to tennis court construction and its overall costs. Crowall provides its extensive knowledge, great craftsmanship, and dedication to consumer satisfaction with a ten-year warranty against cracking to any and all clients. Maintenance of the courts is also offered and can be discussed with Crowall. Other types of services and construction of playing surfaces also exist and these can also be explored.

About Crowall Surface Contractors LTD

Crowall Surface Contractors LTD are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in the resurfacing and construction of tennis courts and other sports surfaces. Located in Ontario, Crowall serves the GTA. They have a ten-year crack-free warranty, an online form for quick information, a website, email and a phone for quick consultation. They are customer-satisfaction driven and seek to develop a long-term relationship with all their clients. Their offerings use the finest materials possible while seeking to keep costs as low as possible on tennis court construction and all their offerings. Canadian owned and operated. 

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