QT Technologies Corp Brings AI-Based Quant Trading into the Asia-Pacific Region with Entry into the South Korean Market

Seoul, South Korea – QT Technologies Corp today announced its entry into the South Korean market as the first step of its strategy to further develop markets and bring about greater corporate growth across the entire Asia-Pacific Region.

This move comes as Asia is expected to remain as the world’s fastest-growing region through to 2030 with the Asia-Pacific region continuing to deliver strong growth, despite widespread concerns about growing protectionism, a rapidly aging society and slow productivity growth.

Entry into the South Korean market would allow QT Technologies Corp to operate in a market where cryptocurrency trading is highly popular and has gained widespread market acceptance. Additionally, QT Technologies Corp’s foray into the South Korean market puts the company in a strong position to further expand into major cryptocurrency trading markets such as China and Japan rapidly.   

Such a move would enable QT Technologies Corp to combine their expertise in Quant Trading and its world-leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities with markets that are able to support further growth and development. This strategic move would lead to increased innovation and institutional understanding of the Asia-Pacific Quant Trading market for cryptocurrencies and will build QT Technologies Corp’s capacity to develop an industry capable of supplying reliable and high-quality cryptocurrency trading-related investment products.

About QT Technologies Corp

QT Technologies Corp is a leading global fintech company that is focused on the development and integration of new disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and trading algorithms in an increasingly digitalized economy.

QT Technologies Corp flagship product, the Quant Artificial Intelligence (QAI) trading system, effectively utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive analytics, algorithms and automated trading technologies to leverage on Big Data, so as to achieve stable, consistent, above-average Returns on Investments (ROI) through trading of cryptocurrencies.

QT Technologies Corp possesses one of the world’s largest Quant trading (financial institute and retail) databases combined with a strong network of partners such as family offices and digital asset managers with extensive team experience in cryptocurrency markets and financial products, to deliver best in class cryptocurrency trading services for its customers.

With a wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of the global digital asset management scene, QT Technologies Corp is well-placed to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading scene in the Asia-Pacific region.

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