QR-Code Mobile Payment Solution Is Giving Out a One Time Offer for Those Looking to Take the Hassle Out of Transactions

Nowadays, virtually everyone uses mobile payment. In supermarkets, bars and restaurants, when shopping or paying for transport, mobile payments have turned into a commodity and a must. However, because of this many of the bigger companies dominating the market are imposing substantial fees on both business and consumers. In an effort to help users make better, more informed decisions, iWallet, an innovative QR-Code mobile payment solution is not only offering a limited-time promotion but is also committed to educating the public of the pros and cons that come with mobile payment systems.

What are the pros and cons of mobile payment?

Unlike other mobile payment solutions, iWallet is powered by QR code processing payment which means for businesses it eliminates the need for hardware such as a POS machine. In addition to this, creating the QR code itself comes at no extra cost, and the payer just needs to have a Smartphone to scan it. From a personal point of view, a QR based payment solution decreases the chance of fraud and robbery, and makes transactions easier and faster. Simultaneously, given it is based on a so-called ACH system over Visa/MC/Amex systems, the average spend does not increase as it tends to do when cards or contactless are used for transactions.

As a con, QR codes even though having grown in popularity in recent years across the Western world, are primarily a go-to solution in China, meaning there is a need for increased awareness and education around the potential benefits they hold. They also, unfortunately, benefit from a poor reputation given when they were first introduced, implementation was met with a number of difficulties and challenges and adoption was low.

What is iWallet and what are they offering?

What iWallet does differently than other mobile payment companies is that it puts their client and their needs first. As a small or mid-sized business, every extra cost or fee that needs to be covered matters and eliminating this is top of mind for the company. As a consumer, being empowered to make transactions quickly and hassle-free, while also safely are the main goals.

In exchange for honest feedback, iWallet has launched a limited-time only offer that gives new users a $20 credit allowance on their accounts so that they can test the app and decide if it is the right option for them. The promo link can be found here.

About iWallet

The iWallet app has been born out of a genuine desire to improve how payments are made and processed for both businesses and consumers. The business offers payment processing at absolutely no cost for up to $10 million per year and the QR code can be printed or a scanned on a screen – there are no limitations. Find out more about how iWallet can make life easier by accessing their website.

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