PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers: Premier Coin Dealer and Trusted Coin Shop

PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers: Premier Coin Dealer and Trusted Coin Shop
Providing Expert Coin Buying, Selling, and Appraisal Services

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Sep 22, 2023 – PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers proudly announces its recognition as an NGC Authorized Dealer by the renowned Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). This significant milestone underscores our commitment to excellence as a leading coin dealer and shop, offering a comprehensive suite of services including coin buying, selling, appraisal, and submission to NGC for authentication and grading by NGC’s experienced numismatists.

The NGC Authorized Dealer status serves as a testament to our dedication to expertise and integrity, qualities that have defined PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers since our inception. Earning this esteemed title attests to our strict adherence to NGC’s rigorous standards, instilling absolute confidence in our customers regarding the authenticity and quality of the coins we buy and sell.

Notably, NGC, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation and authentication, has invested substantially more than $1 million in groundbreaking research and development to craft the most advanced protective holder for coins, tokens, and medals. Meticulously engineered for enduring preservation, the NGC holder is the preservation vessel of choice for esteemed institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution and leading museums worldwide.

Carmine Mannino, President of PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers, enthusiastically welcomes this recognition, stating, “We are deeply honored to achieve NGC Authorized Dealer status, reaffirming our commitment to delivering world-class coin dealer services and establishing ourselves as the trusted coin shop of choice for enthusiasts and collectors alike.”

Our Comprehensive Services:

1. Buy Coins: As a distinguished coin dealer, we offer an extensive selection of meticulously graded and certified coins for purchase, catering to both novice and seasoned collectors.

2. Sell Coins: For those seeking to part with their coin collections, our shop provides a world-class selling experience, ensuring fair and competitive prices.

3. Appraise Coins: Our experts specialize in coin appraisal services, providing precise evaluations for your coin treasures, whether for insurance, investment, or estate purposes.

4. Grade, Preserve, and Authenticate Your Coins: Safeguard your valuable coins using NGC’s state-of-the-art protective holder, trusted by leading institutions worldwide.

Corporate Profile:

PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers, located at 2 Fairfield Blvd. Ste. 5, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, has rapidly earned a reputation as the premier destination for collectors and investors in the realm of numismatics and bullion. Our extensive portfolio includes precious metals in the form of rare coins, bullion, and collectibles, all underpinned by our steadfast commitment to authenticity and quality. As a trusted coin dealer and shop, we are devoted to elevating the numismatic experience for our valued clientele, consistently delivering excellence in every facet of our operations.

For comprehensive information regarding PV Coin Shop & Gold Jewelry Buyers and our coveted NGC Authorized Dealer status, please Visit https://www.pontevedracoin.com

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