Purple Road Art Channel Engages with the Fine Art World in a Fun Way

Innovative online art channel, Purple Road, adds to its range of captivating videos interviewing well-known artists, revealing prestigious galleries and major exhibitions with giveaways to subscribers

It does not get any better taking the fun road to the finest art as Purple Road continues to update its online library with great videos of amazing sites as well as interviews with creative artists. Purple Road has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of viewers and subscribers in a relatively short space of time, with the YouTube channel attracting lovers of fun and creativity from different parts of the world.

The creative industry has evolved over the years, as more artists across categories emerge to deliver fantastic pieces to their audiences. Technological advancements as well as the emergence of online platforms and their increasing popularity have further brought art lovers closer to their desires. However, Purple Road has taken it a step further to document videos of exciting places, including galleries and museums, and make them available to the world, practically “bringing the physical experience of a fine art tour to the digital world.”

The increasingly popular YouTube channel has introduced giveaways of attractive art-themed prizes donated by fine art galleries as well as updated their library with entertaining animations of true-life art stories. Purple Road stands out from other art channels by bringing the real experience, fun and simplicity to the high-end world, using attractive, exciting, and straight-to-the-point videos, as opposed to the commonly used historical or academic approach.

Some of the captivating masterpieces featured on Purple Road include a video series on the popular Galerie Rue Toulouse as well as the Westbrook Gallery. Other galleries and artists that can be found on Purple Road are Bennett Sculpture, Gallery 21 – Eyvind Earle, American Art, Zantman Gallery, Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery (fine photography), Simon Bull, Terrance Osbourne, StudioBE, and Richard McDonald among many others.

For further information about Purple Road and the documentaries of visits to galleries, major exhibitions, auction houses, museums, and interviews of fascinating and creative artists, visit the Purple Road Art Channel on YouTube.

About Purple Road

Purple Road is a YouTube channel that specializes in showcasing breathtaking works of art from different parts of the world. The online art channel documents the fun and interesting moments with artists and visits to prestigious galleries, major exhibitions, auction houses, and museums across the globe for the viewing pleasure of the audience.

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