Pure Silk Sarees launched online at kanjivaramsilks.com

Kanjivaram silks launched latest silk sarees online for this season. These silk sarees are complete hand woven and made from different weavers across India.

Kanjivaram Silks, saree collections includes kanchipuram silk sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Uppada silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, wedding silk sarees and kanjivaram silk sarees. The light weight sarees are uppadas and mysore sarees which weighs around 400 350 to 450 grams; the heavy sarees includes the kanchivaram and banarasi sarees. These silk sarees derived its name from the origin of the makers.

Silk Saree is known to be one of the most elegant dresses worn by an Indian woman. It not only brings out the elegance in a woman but also brings out the culture and tradition for which the Indians are known for. The Indian sarees are just not a piece of clothing but something which is known for its tradition the values it holds. Indian women bring out their best in an Indian saree. Whether it be any occasion an Indian woman can carry a saree with utmost class and prettiness.

There are many different types of sarees which are available in India. All come with different vibrant colours and even the material is so different from each other. Even the type of saree differs from region to region. There are different types of sarees which are present on different occasions. All the sarees has some incomparable intricate design which brings out the radiant beauty in women. Well, no occasion is complete without wearing a beautiful saree with a piece of jewellery matching with it. There are different types of sarees which can be as expensive and lavish as you want. The beautiful brides of India generally prefer wearing the gorgeous silk sarees on their wedding day. What else can bring the elegance and tradition of India more than a stunning silk saree. But well even silk saree differs from region to region and are of many types.

Kanjivaram silks exhibits different types of silk sarees:

The silk sarees which are available in India are all hand woven and are presented in different and beautiful and bold vibrant colours. These sarees are so popular all over India as well as outside India. People from different countries come to India to learn about how these sarees are made and how it is being produced and intricate design on it is been made. Kanjivaram silks, silk saree collections are mentioned below.

The beauty of Banaras wedding silk sarees:

These are some real gem of silk saree present in India. It is known to be the most expensive silk saree that is woven. It only gives you the royal look when you wear it but people also wear it as a status symbol. The work on the saree is so sophisticated and pretty that no one can move their eye from the beautiful artwork of the saree. The whole saree has golden jari work and these are the real gold threads we are talking about. It is one of the most famous saree that is worn by brides of India. The saree depicts the classiness. It comes in really bold and vibrant colour. These sarees are made in the northern part of India but is exported all over India because of its speciality and richness.

The southern Kanchipuram silk:

Talking about the silk saree and if we forget to mention this wedding silk saree will be a complete absence of mind. These are beautiful, contrasting, vivacious coloured wedding silk sarees made by kanjivaram silks . The Kanchipuram sarees are famous because of the traditional style and colour it holds. The check, the stripes, picture of a temple, or even an elephant anything which connects us to our ancestors are drawn on these sarees. It holds the value of our custom and tradition. It also makes us feel that we still haven’t forgotten our rituals and cultures and is still so present in our heart and also on our sarees. It comes with thick beautiful border and both are of different colours which are made separately and joined together. These sarees are known for its traditional values, the durability it holds, the lustre and its innocent beauty.

The block Bandhni silk:

We have talked about the northern silk and also about the beautiful southern silks. All these sarees hold such a value in the Indian culture. The elegant brides of India love to wear these silks on their special occasion. The Bandhni is one of the most famous silks that are present in India. These sarees are generally made in Rajasthan and Gujarat which are the western part of India. The contains of different patterns which are generally tied up and then dyed. The original bandhni consists of simple sober colour which contains block designs. There are patterns which are drawn on the saree with the help of blocks and also are being tied up and then dyed in a solution of different colours to portray the unique colours of Rajasthan and Gujarat. These silks are highly famous too and the Gujarati ladies love to wear it each and every day.

The Konrad artwork silks:

These are special sarees that are only made in Tamil Nadu and is originally originated from a temple. These sarees consist of pictures of temples which are drawn on it and hence is also called as the Temple saree. All our ancient temple and culture are being depicted on the whole piece of saree. It consists of beautifully woven sculptures of peacock, elephant and also ancient people. The creativity on these sarees is just worth watching. The saree does not come in so many colours but are present in some very subtle and elegant colours.

Thanchoi silk saree:

These are some worth admiring sarees in India. These are highly woven saree. This is close to the Banarasi sarees which are made. These sarees does not have any specific border but comes with a highly distinguished floral pallu. The saree comes with a beautiful floral print. They come in some very bright colours.

The Maharashtrian Paithani silk:

These are originally originated from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. These sarees are fully covered with elegant designs of peacock, parrots, trees and plants. It comes with some really beautiful colours and design and is highly famous in the whole of India. It does require so much labour and money to make one saree and is expensive. But the beauty of the saree is worth the money.

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