New action TV series that illustrates the struggles of urban America, “Pure,” to appear exclusively on ROKU’S new major network company, HOT NOIZE!

“Pure” is a new action packed television series from the stables of popular movie maker, AK Reed. The movie giant collaborates with writer and creator, Duece King to make the TV series that features different talented actors that include established stars and relatively new faces. The series, which carefully illustrates the struggles of an average urban American, is billed to air exclusively on ROKU’s new major network company, HOT NOIZE.

America is described as “God’s own country,” where dreams are brought to reality. Therefore, it is not surprising that millions of people across the globe migrate to the U.S. in a bid to live their dream. However, one phenomenon unknown to many people around the world is the struggles of urban America. AK Reed hopes to relay these challenges in addition to the reality of living in the U.S.

The action packed pragmatic movie features actors such as Duece King, John Stover, Fonz Carter and LaMar Mackey, talking about the streets of Buffalo, New York. “Pure the Movie” captures the essence of the challenges encountered by urban America across the United States. The series centers around the story of a hustler named Nevada and his travails as he tries to overcome the different challenges he faced.

Nevada is wise, with an attitude and reasoning that is beyond his years. He and his crew robbed one of the city’s most notorious gangsters. They subsequently plan to take over the city and this quickly develops into a series of events, with Nevada and his crew doing all it takes to become the “controllers” of the city.

In a bid to take over the city and remain at the helm of affairs, Nevada and his crew must work for the enemy. The story of Nevada and his crew is particularly easy to relate with, especially for persons that live in urban America. It is therefore not surprising that the trailer of the TV series is getting increasing number of views daily on YouTube. The series is packed with action from start to finish, but more importantly, it depicts the reality of New York and America as a whole.

The world can only anticipate what is described by some as the best action packed series in recent times. The sequel to “Pure,” “Pure 2,” which featuring all Buffalo natives, that is, Nevada, Moe, Stone, and Bags, is also expected to be released soon. More information about Pure the movie series can be found on Instagram and Facebook. AK Reed Films is also available on Instagram for more information on the movie maker and subsequent works from AK Reed.

About HOT NOIZE Hot Noize is an entertainment company that established an exclusive partnership with ROKU. The ROKU’S new major network company is billed to exclusively air a new television series titled “Pure.” The TV series is coming from the stables of popular movie maker, AK Reed films in conjunction with Duece King.

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