PubHTML5 Remains the Trusted Company of Digital Magazine Software

PubHTML5 is reputed for quality digital publishing solutions and outstanding services.

PubHTML5, the leading provider of digital magazine software, proudly announced to be trusted by millions of publishers in different parts of the world. Since inception, they have hosted more than 13,257,458 brochures, magazines, activity reports and catalogs. From 2009 up until today, they have been the most reliable options for more than 60,000 agencies, freelancers, local authorities, institutions and enterprises.

For over eight years in this business, PubHTML5 has transformed into a fully-fledged service provider of tested and effective digital magazine software. The long and complicated digital publishing has turned into a result-oriented process, and PubHTML5 has been a part of it. They have changed the way online magazines can be shared with millions of audiences. The steps of getting a piece of useful information published become more streamlined, affordable and fun.

PubHTML5 also takes pride in their features. Aside from the ease of use, they make a multitude of benefits accessible to a broad market. Enterprises, freelancers and agencies can quickly expand their audiences in the digital world. PubHTML5 is a one-stop provider of digital magazine software, turning plain PDF files into engaging magazines. They also make magazines shareable on a variety of social networks. Supported by iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android, any online material will be compatible and available on mobiles, PC, tablets and other devices.

PubHTML5 opens more doors for brand awareness. Despite the range of marketing solutions, businesses find it hard to reach a broad market. Incorporate a magazine into business operations today. While people can customize the large logo, they can also enjoy ad-free content. This engages audiences with the content, leading to immense success and brand awareness.

Seeing our clients happy with our services makes us more eager to achieve innovation, effective solution and competitive rate. We stand behind the quality of our services. Despite our reputation, we remain dedicated to providing the best. Our digital magazine software is unmatched.” Jason Chen, CTO of PubHTML5 said.

About PubHTML5:

As the top-notch technology company of HTML5 digital publishing solutions, PubHTML5 allows everyone to convert any material into a quality digital publication. They also enable businesses to deliver any content via the web, mobile devices and other channels. For further details, please feel free to visit the company at today!

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