PubHTML5 Brochure Maker Allows Conversion of PDF to Brochure

PubHTML5 is a brochure maker that allows users to convert PDF files into digital brochures without any programming skill.

Publishing information online is much more than just putting contents online, it is about making it fun and captivating for readers. It is about a software that allows conversion of any printed material into a unique digital publication with the right set of features that makes the publication beautiful. A publishing application should be easy to use, accessible and spices up the publication. Look no further because that is what PubHTML5 brochure maker offers.

“PubHTML5 is a developed brochure maker for marketers to easily publish charming brochures offline and online.” Jason Chen, CTO of PubHTML5 said. It is a leading platform solution to publish brochures. PubHTML5 improves the game of digital publishing by turning them into rich media experiences. By using PubHTML5 brochure maker, it gives the marketer an edge to experience many of its incredible features amongst which is turning your PDF into an amazing brochure.  It converts PDF, Ms. Office, open office to HTML5 based brochure.

Flexibility in customization is one of the most essential features that PubHTML5 offers. Users can brand the look of the brochure with custom logo, colored bookmark and the more. Creativity in media management, users are allowed to embed video, audio, animation, image/video popups, link into the page of the brochure. It has offline, DVD, CD and USB viewer versions so the readers can view the brochure on their desktop when and where they want.

PubHTML5 comes with a number of features to improve efficiency and productivity. It has a robust admin tool and a user-friendly management tool that can be used to instantly upload PDF file, preview and monitor the brochure. PubHTML5 has good social media integration with popular social network sites. The brochures can be shared by viewers to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg and the more. All text within your brochures are SEO friendly that can be indexed by search engines, so everyone can find the digital brochures via the internet.

About PubHTML5

Headquartered in Hong Kong, PubHTML5 Software Co., Ltd is a leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing software in the very competitive space. Their mission is to give clients a user-friendly, more efficient application at a reduced cost. For more information, visit .

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