PTZOptics critiques the Trump Campaign\’s YouTube Live Streams produced by Right Side Broadcasting

“[Right Side Broadcasting] is a great example of a “brand new startup with 11 employees” (stated on creating a professionally branded live stream that competes with the major media channels. Having used the majority of live streaming softw”
Right Side Broadcasting has live streamed almost 400 Trump rallies and events on YouTube. PTZOptics, an expert in the live streaming field has published a critique of the live streams and it’s impact on the Trump Campaign.

Philadelphia, PA – PTZOptics is a manufacture of professional pan, tilt, zoom cameras specializing in the live streaming industry. Paul Richards, Director of Business Development for PTZOptics, has published a critique of the Trump Campaign’s live streams and it’s impact on the Republican Presidential Race. Right Side Broadcasting is a great example of a “brand new startup with 11 employees” (stated on who has created a professionally branded live stream that competes with the major media channels.

“Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has changed the game when it comes to presidential elections” Richards writes in a recent article published on “Trump has used every social media outlet to his advantage, spending less on his campaign then his competition and coming out with more votes almost every time.” In the article, Richards critiques the Trump Campaign’s use of live streaming which they have used effectively for the past 9 months. The Trump Campaign has partnered with a self proclaimed “small start up” named Right Side Broadcasting who has done a great job streaming almost 400 events. But as Richards points out “the Trump organization should have negotiated the streaming destination with Right Side Broadcasting” which is a huge lost opportunity for subscriber growth on YouTube for the Trump Campaign.

Looking at the chart above you can see this is something Right Side Broadcasting has enjoyed with steady growth over the past 90 days. Right Side Broadcasting has 131k subscribers while Donald Trump has only 38k. The chart shows how Right Side Broadcasting has more than doubled their subscribers in the past 90 days and now serve 3.4 times as many subscribers as the official Donald Trump channel.

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