PTT Outdoor Announces Launch Of The TBF Supergrip Yoga Mat

Providers of innovative outdoor gear and equipment, PTT Outdoor, introduces the TBF Supergrip Yoga Mat, an eco-friendly, versatile yoga mat with alignment lines

The forward-thinking team of professionals at PTT Outdoor is staying true to their commitment to inspire outdoor enthusiasts as the company recently announced the launch of the TBF Supergrip Yoga Mat. The eco-friendly yoga mat is designed to serve all categories of users, with features such as alignment lines, ensuring its versatility without requiring buyers to break the bank.

It is our passion, to provide premium sports gears at affordable pricing while ensuring minimal environmental impact.” – Mike, Founder of PTT Outdoor. “Creating products that our community can love and benefit from while saving money comes first, the environment comes second and profit comes later. That’s our belief at PTT Outdoor.”

The global outdoor gear market has continued to evolve as more brands emerge to deliver products to meet the growing and diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. According to a publication from, the global outdoor gear and equipment market size was valued at $47,940 million in 2020, with a projection that it will reach $71,200 by 2026. Despite the amazing figures coming out of the industry, many of the available products do not effectively address the concerns of customers in terms of affordability and quality. However, PTT Outdoor is looking to make a difference as substantiated by the release of the TBF Supergrip Yoga Mat.

The relatively small company seeks to chart a new course in the outdoor gear market by combining relative affordability with quality in producing the mat as well as other products from the brand. The yoga mat is made with natural rubber, unlike most other products that are manufactured using TPE, ultimately ensuring its eco-friendliness and suitability for all categories of fitness lovers and yoga practitioners.

For more information about the TBF Supergrip Yoga Mat and other products from PTT Outdoor, visit – PTT Outdoor can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About PTT Outdoor

PTT Outdoor is a Malaysia-based that was founded by a team of young and community-driven individuals to inspire adventures for outdoor enthusiasts by providing affordable premium gears with minimal environmental impact. Over the years, the team has curated over 500 different gears, with more than 2000 positive reviews and notable recognitions, including the Grand Champion of Ambank Bizrace 2019, the first-ever e-commerce company to get that prestigious title.

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