PSCM Energy and EMI-Universal Corporation, Enter into Strategic Partnership for Deployment of State-of-the-Art Waste to Energy Systems Worldwide

“Figure 1: EMI-Universal Waste to Energy System”

PSCM Energy, a clean energy company based in Cedar Park, Texas, and EMI-Universal Corporation, are proud to announce they have entered into a Strategic Partnership to deploy revolutionary, cutting-edge waste to energy facilities globally to convert landfill and sewage waste to energy around the world.

The companies are positioned to implement a new waste to energy technology which has been developed in Japan and promises to revolutionize the waste to energy market. The deployment of this technology is initially planned in Wisconsin and Texas in the USA and in Monrovia, Liberia, where PSCM Energy has signed a MOU with the Liberian government to convert landfill and sewage waste to energy.

This groundbreaking solution offers many benefits:

  • Breaks down all organic matter.
  • Shorter time to break down waste.
    • Bacterial breakdown takes it is two weeks, compared to EMI’s is 3 hours.
  • Not necessary to separate the organic landfill waste.
  • We will separate and recycle the non-organic waste (plastics, metals)
  • Carbon dioxide emission is a one-eighth or less compared to destruction by fire.
  • No dioxins in output, no heavy metals in output. 

Commenting on the recent partnership with EMI, Mr. Kenneth Templeton, PSCM Energy, CEO, stated that “Our strategic partnership with EMI-Universal gives PSCM Energy another world changing energy technology in our arsenal. We look forward to working with EMI-Universal to deploy systems in the USA, Liberia and around the world beginning in 2019.”

For example, the partnership has an agreement to deploy up to ten EMI-Universal waste to energy systems in Liberia and four in Wisconsin, USA. Additional negotiations are underway to deploy systems in Texas, USA.

A team of experienced professionals from PSCM Energy and EMI-Universal will facilitate rapid movement from design, to construction, to operation of the waste to energy facilities utilizing this ground-breaking technology. Construction of the first site is set to be started in the State of Wisconsin in the first quarter of 2019.

About PSCM Energy

PSCM Energy is headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, and provides innovative, clean energy solutions to customers worldwide.  In addition to oil desulphurization projects, PSCM offers cutting edge landfill and sewage waste to energy solutions, electricity generation solutions for off and on-grid customers and in addition, hydrogen energy solutions. PSCM Energy recently announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Liberia for Waste to Energy and Electricity Generation projects.

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About EMI-Universal Corporation.

EMI-Universal Corporation, is headquartered in Alhambra, California. EMI-Universal offers new approaches and equipment for converting waste into energy that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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