Providing “Peace-of-Mind” in Comprehensive Planning By Serenitas Special Needs Planning

Having Children with special needs can be challenging. These children need proper planning to ensure they are comfortable and well taken care of. Special needs planning ensures long-lasting security for loved ones with special needs. That’s where Serenitas Special Needs Planning comes in.

Serenitas Special Needs Planning is here to provide “peace of mind” comprehensive planning. It involves creating and implementing plans that cater to the unique needs of children, both those with their parents and those who are orphaned.

Situations differ, but one thing that’s common in all cases is that children with special needs require thoughtful and flexible planning. The cost of caring for a child with special needs is exorbitant for parents/guardians. 

Serenitas Special Needs Planning helps with all aspects of planning for people with special needs. Their special needs planning services include lifestyle planning, financial/budget planning, government benefit coordination, and legal planning. 

According to David Terk, the Executive Director of Serenitas Special Needs, this program is open to anyone who is financially responsible for another person with special needs. Those with relatives or people who can’t take care of themselves can benefit from this program.

Those who have benefited through this program, including caregivers, families, and parents, confess that it has offered them peace of mind.

“David Terk of Serenitas and his associates have provided invaluable assistance to us in our estate planning for our son with special needs,” says one beneficiary of this program.

David and his team help individuals create comprehensive financial plans that address many areas that affect the life of persons with special needs, no matter their age. 

“David is very kind and understanding. He really took the time to understand our complex family needs,” says another happy beneficiary of this program.

Serenitas Special Need Planning understands that there are so many things to address when caring for people with special needs. They also know that parents and guardians can get overwhelmed, not only financially but also physically. That’s why they want to relieve their stress by helping them with well-thought-out plans. 

Apart from helping with planning, they also provide services such as conservatorship/guardian filing and community education opportunities presided over by a workshop facilitator, special needs advisor, or conference speaker.

Serenitas Special Need Planning urges parents/guardians not to gamble with their children’s future, reminding them that disability will continue with their loved ones even after they (the parents/guardians) have died. People will need someone to care for them and to manage the assets their parents left behind.

About Serenitas Special Needs Planning:

Serenitas Special Needs Planning is a planning organization that specializes in planning services for people with special needs. Their main objective is to provide parents and caretakers with peace of mind through their financial planning process. They understand the multiple challenges the parents and guardians of children with special needs face. They have 30 years of experience in offering financial planning services to families with special needs children.

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