’s Monitoring Services Drastically Improve Efficiency of Online Businesses

The digital economy has figured very importantly to the world’s economy and businesses have heavily incorporated the use of network computing technologies into their operations.

The internet has provided companies and organizations an unprecedented level of communication in all aspects of business, most apparent of which are connecting businesses to businesses and businesses to customers. Transactions have been instant and can proceed in real-time, unhindered by distance or even time of the day.

The use of the internet has been so intrinsic to modern business that some types of business only exist in the virtual. That means some businesses only exist in their online form, with no physical business counterpart to speak of and almost no real-world interactions. E-commerce or other online retailing businesses come to mind.

With the dependence on the internet so great, the reliability of the supporting technologies is important. An example of supporting technologies is web hosting services. Web hosting servers are the repository of websites and they’re also responsible for keeping a website available on the internet.

At its most basic, these servers are computers and websites are programs they run. But since businesses depend on the flawless execution of their websites and access to the websites can be very demanding, service reliability is crucial. And it’s also the reason why uptime reliability is the most important consideration in choosing a web hosting service. Most web hosting service providers offer upwards of 99.9% uptime reliability.

How much do businesses stand to lose for a web hosting server performing sub-par? For online businesses, possibly everything. Even if 99.9% reliability, which at a glance is almost perfect, may prove to be an insufficient guarantee for the needs of online businesses this day and age. 10% of a minute can be interpreted as merely 6 sporadic seconds. This seems hardly long enough for anybody to notice. However, bear in mind that uptime reliability is applied to longer service periods, like within a month or year. A few seconds a minute could translate into hours or even days of continuous website downtime in a year.

To better put that in context, experts estimate that larger enterprises that do a high volume of business and data transactions through their websites stand to lose millions of dollars with every hour of their websites being offline or unusable. On the other hand, small businesses can conceivably lose tens of thousands of dollars during downtime. Considering that small businesses don’t have the monetary buffer enjoyed by large companies, smaller businesses can be potentially be ruined by such downtime events.

Since not even the best web hosting service provider can offer a fail-safe service, what are businesses to do to handle – if not avoid – service breakdowns? Businesses must employ third-party uptime monitoring services. And among uptime monitoring service providers, provides the best value in comprehensive uptime monitoring. uptime monitoring and a slew of other related services that monitor web hosting performance. First,’s uptime monitoring service is a comprehensive and continuous process that looks at key important network factors. These factors include ping tests that measure basic server availability, traceroutes that measure server-to-server response, latency tests to measure response times, domain name translation tests, unsecured and secured hypertext transmission protocol tests, and more.

Additionally, does these tests from different controlled servers around the world. These types of tests would help isolate the network from server issues.

Second, has special monitoring services that test hosting performance parameters. Among these tests, inbound traffic volume monitoring. Web hosting services can often be crippled by inordinately high demand requests like high visitor volume or the dreaded and malicious DDoS attacks. There’s also website speed monitoring which measures website load times, and there’s also end-user transaction monitoring which monitors end-user transactions and analyzes session data.

This last test is very useful not just for spotting issues with the service but also to find areas to improve in the website’s design. End-user transaction monitoring can help web designers and digital marketing experts tasked to maintain and upgrade a site using API metrics like bounce rates, render times, and even conversion rates.

Running a website is an intricate and complex interplay between machine (server), program (website), and human administrators. can provide the invaluable time to time diagnostics to tell of any looming or ongoing web hosting service issue. Service issues can be identified and addressed as quickly as possible, making for an uninterrupted business of the highest business efficiency.

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