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Scott likes cars, but not just any kind of car. He likes old Japanese imports, especially those that need some repair work that he can buy for cheap. He’ll repair them and drive them awhile for his enjoyment.

When he grows tired of the cars, he sells them and moves on to his next repair project. Sometimes, he profits from the sale, but more often he’ll just be happy to recoup the cost of repairs. He might be a whiz with a wrench, but a car salesman, he’s not. Also, many people are into flipping cars and a crowded market didn’t appeal much to him.

What he noticed is that the market lacked a reliable source of quality parts for the type of cars he loves to fix. Since the cars are old and unusual (at least in America), local auto parts shops don’t have what he often needs. Getting these exotic parts either meant scavenging at the local automobile junkyard or importing individual parts overseas. However, useful junkyard parts are scarce, while parts from overseas are good, but expensive to import individually.

So Scott got the bright idea of having parts shipped to him in bulk, which is cheaper, and re-selling them to niche car repair enthusiasts like himself. He already has a large garage to keep and monitor stocks, but he wasn’t too keen on opening a physical store. He loathed the thought of being stuck looking over a shop or the prospect of managing staff. He wanted his buy-and-sell operations to be as hands-off and bare-bones as he could get away with, so he would have more time for his repair hobby. For Scott, the answer was obvious. Like many new entrepreneurs, he would sell his stuff online.

He had a retail website built. On its pages, the catalog of parts was available for viewing and ordering. He could view and respond to orders from his phone, package the parts himself, and have the items shipped. Word easily got around the internet that there’s a supplier of good quality car parts for older Japanese imports. It wasn’t too long until his internet business boomed and became his bread and butter.

He didn’t think much about his web hosting subscription, at least, in the beginning. The website seemed to work as it should. But as the number of visitors to his site increased dramatically, his regular customers started reporting to him intermittent issues with the use of site. They said that, sometimes, the site would load slow. Other times, links to other pages led to dead ends. There may even have been a few occasions when his site was completely inaccessible. It seemed that the problems were starting to become frequent.

Of course, Scott called his web hosting provider to complain. But, as Scott found out, it’s difficult for a service provider to act on service issues when services are running well at the time of the call – much to Scott’s chagrin. Unsurprisingly, the web host would add that their service logs showed nothing unusual. They could only recommend that Scott called back again if the trouble re-appeared.

Scott knew that what’s happening with his web hosting service is bad for business. He could be losing potential clients without him knowing it. Worst, the unreliability of his web hosting service was negatively affecting his reputation. Unfortunately, simply switching to another provider wasn’t an option for Scott, as it would disrupt his main source of income for far too long. Neither could he spend all day hunched in front of his computer, hoping to catch a service disruption first hand.

Luckily for this resourceful entrepreneur, he found a service that did what he needed that no human could provide: a service that would monitor his website 24/7 and alert him at the first sign of trouble. And that monitoring service was ProUptimeMonitor.

ProUptimeMonitor is all about uptime monitoring. Simply, uptime is when a website is up online, accessible on the internet, and functions as it should. When it’s not, it’s the dreaded downtime. ProUptimeMonitor monitors this and a lot more.

ProUptimeMonitor constantly tests for possible root causes of the downtime. It does this by running a barrage of network and server tests, including pings to test basic server responsiveness, tracerouting to test server-to-server connection paths, and flutter to test consistency of connection. It also tests over secured and unsecured connections, page components, load times and other functions.

ProUptimeMonitor tests from multiple servers around the world to further isolate network issues from host-server issues.

But the real beauty of ProUptimeMonitor’s uptime monitoring service is the reporting. It makes a complete log of all its tests and these are available for clients to access from ProUptimeMonitor’s site. The data is presented easily and understandably. No degree in network engineering needed.

Probably the service’s most important feature is its real-time reporting of any web-hosting issue on the client’s monitored site. Alerts and status reports can be programmed as often as every minute and sent over SMS or email, or only when there are signs of trouble.

As for Scott, ProUptimeMonitor has provided him the evidence he needed for his web hosting service to take immediate and lasting action on the hosting service issues. His web hosts are more on their toes now, knowing ProUptimeMonitor would be on their case if their service falters again.

Many entrepreneurs who have availed of ProUptimeMonitor uptime monitoring service rest easier and can concentrate more on the things they should be doing, like making their business grow. Or, in Scott’s case, spending more time on his project cars.

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