Proud Property Owners Want Properties to Be a Showcase for the World

The outside of any property must overall have “curb appeal” for it to stand out and be a showplace. Curb appeal is simply the outside of a property that a potential buyer or anyone that passes by notices. No matter how exquisite a property might look on the inside, the outside of a property makes the first impression.

Canadians also try to stay on trend in the look and their properties and upgrade the outsides of their properties routinely with the latest and greatest type of façade materials. While standard façade materials such as brick and wood are still used, stucco is making real headway into the field of home architecture, not just for its beauty but for its durability, and flexibility in sizes, shapes, colours, and textures available now. BathroomBro of Ontario services property owners in the GTA with affordable stucco facades that can be shaped and moulded into all types of styles. 

The seamless style of stucco comes in an immense variety of colours lending even more to its appeal by property owners. 

Canada has a harsh climate and durability is a priority for property owners.  

Stucco is not only attractive but extremely durable, and quite affordable in the long run as it routinely outlasts and performs better than other forms of facades. It does withstand cold, wind, hail, and ice, but also high humidity without rotting or flaking. Stucco is highly moulding and mildew resistant as well. Especially in Quebec and southern Ontario, the humidity can be quite extensive all year round and property owners there are routinely replacing their outside architecture with stucco to mitigate damages from this high humidity. High humidity can cause extreme mould and mildew problems on facades that are not made of stucco, leading to replacement every few years. 

Choosing stucco resolves this issue and it can last a lot longer than other materials. Stucco is also more insulating in nature and keeps out the wind and cold more efficiently as well as keeping homes cooler in the summer months. This cuts back on both heating and cooling costs. With proper care, stucco can last an astounding 50 to 80 years. That is half a century or more so is well worth the time and money to install.

Stucco not only improves the look of a property overall but draws attention to any trim or lighting. 

It is so eye-catching that it serves as a perfect backdrop for other outside amenities on a property such as trim and lighting. It surrounds a property with an elegant look that all onlookers notice immediately. This alone will increase the value of properties making the installation of stucco facades one of the best property investments that can be made. Stucco can also be painted if the colour chosen initially does not suit the property owner or if after a few years a new look is wanted. 

The entire stucco façade does not need to be replaced throughout the years only repainted to change its look. 

Stucco is a great choice for any type of properties either commercial or residential and its popularity grows yearly.

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BathroomBro of Ontario has been in business serving the GTA with all types of stucco facades and architecture as well as bathroom design and remodelling and kitchen design and remodelling. This company can even build an entire home from the ground up. The consultants and technicians are highly trained. There is a phone, email, a quote form and a contact form for quick assistance on the website. The mission statement is listed, and 2D and 3D modelling are available. Financial assistance is available also and a gallery of completed projects exists to browse the companies’ prior work. 

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