Protecting the Planet Starts with Giving Customers a Better Way to Make More Sustainable Shopping Decisions

Protecting the Planet Starts with Giving Customers a Better Way to Make More Sustainable Shopping Decisions

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Earthly’s Amazon browser extension provides information about how everyday products impact personal health and the planet

Earthly, a new shopping assistant service, just debuted and is helping consumers make more sustainable shopping decisions by empowering them with the facts they need to make more informed choices. customers looking to consume cleaner, healthier, and eco-friendly products, can now use Earthly’s free, downloadable Safari and Chrome browser extension which seamlessly labels products within the Amazon UI. Earthly empowers shoppers to buy consciously and supports causes they care about through their everyday shopping habits. 

What we buy and put in our bodies and homes is a big driver of health and climate outcomes. Today, consumers are largely unaware of how the products they buy affect their health, pollute the environment, harm animals, destroy habitats, etc. They rely on organizations like the FDA and EPA to regulate and certify consumer products, but analysis and legislation are outpaced by the rate at which new products are introduced. Buyers can try to keep on top of the mountain of information but it takes time many don’t have and they are quickly faced with information overload. 

Earthly aggregates information about products’ ingredients, certifications and brand values, and displays it in one place. Consumers get connected with the story behind the product in terms of its toxicity, impact on habitats, microplastic content, non-GMO status, fair trade / cruelty free / vegan status etc. Using a scoring and reporting system based on six pillars — harmful chemicals, waste consciousness, low carbon footprint, animal protection, social responsibility, and habitat preservation — Earthly highlights products that are found to be healthier and more sustainable and flags products that are found to be less than desirable. Earthly also utilizes a five-point rating system that tells consumers how each product rates in comparison with other products it has aggregated data for in the same top-level category, e.g., Beauty & Personal Care. 

“Earthly takes the guesswork out of researching cruelty-free and vegan products, which are values I stand by,” said Milena Stopinska, a conscious shopper from Hanover Park, Illinois. “Previously I had to search ‘is (product name) cruelty-free’ every time, which was not only time consuming, but the results were usually vague,” she added.

Earthly’s shopping assistant is user-friendly and implements a tri-color coded system of overlays nestled seamlessly within the Amazon UI to quickly inform consumers whether they should either avoid a product (red label), consider searching for more sustainable products (yellow label), or feel secure that they are making a sustainable product selection and purchase (green label). The labels are seamlessly integrated and don’t get in the way of shoppers’ browsing. Earthly’s informative, yet easy-to-understand labels provide transparency and let shoppers make more informed purchase decisions based on the facts presented. 

“70% of shoppers want to buy more sustainably, yet only 29% are satisfied with their ability to do so, citing difficulty in finding and differentiating sustainable products as a key reason,” said Arvind Srinivasan, Founder of Earthly. “Earthly aspires to be the Consumer Reports for everyday products, shining a light on products to reveal their true impact, and empowering shoppers to find sustainable options at a price point they are comfortable with,” he added.

“The idea of tying research on the safe use of chemicals with purchasing is great,” said Michael Dourson, an American toxicologist and Director of Science at the nonprofit organization, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA). “The way Earthly dishes out bite-sized bits of safety information right at the time of purchase is a big win for consumers,” he added.

Earthly is a free browser plug-in for Chrome and Safari browsers available for download at For more information, visit the Earthly website.

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Earthly is a new shopping assistant service that allows Amazon consumers to shop more sustainably. Now available as a Google Chrome add-on, Earthly provides detailed information about products including their ingredients, carbon footprint, animal testing status, packaging, and more.

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