Proposition 56: Vapers Beware There Might Be an E-Cig Tax Now

The appeal of vaping to the new generation stems not only from its comparative non-cancerous healthiness compared to smoking tobacco (although it still has side effects akin to smoking marijuana or anything that’s smoked, such as skin dryness, shortness of breath, zits, bleeding gums, dizziness, and insomnia). It’s also because it’s not as subject to taxation as its tobacco counterpart is. However, that should all soon change with the spearheading of Proposition 56 in the State of California. Cali has always been on the forefront of bans and carbon emission reduction (as in the case of its CARB or California Air Resources Board), so it should come to the surprise of no one that the state has set its sights on vapers and vaping when it comes to taxation.

Vaping on the Taxation Threshold

According to the National Health Review Survey, in the last decade or so, from 2006 to 2016, vaping has grown in popularity thanks to the number of businesses getting into it, the huge online marketing machine pushing it as the next big thing or next tobacco industry in light of its reduced dangers and zero cancer links. It uses vape juice or glycol mixed with nicotine in order to make smokers quit smoking easier by taking up vaping as a safer alternative.

• Vape fluid is called liquid nicotine because it’s more often than not laced with nicotine even though it’s mostly composed of glycol (the same liquid medium used to deliver asthma medication to asthmatics via nebulizer) and artificial flavors. Then again, the market is mostly unregulated because of how new vaping or e-cigarettes are (it’s mostly been a decade old as far as most vapers are concerned).

• This may change soon with the looming Proposition 56. Public health officials have “awoken” to the rise of vaping and its claims of being the safer cigarette alternative, only to condemn the industry as a gateway drug of the worst kind, demanding that it be regulated. Perhaps the fact that it’s now a million-dollar industry that could bring in millions of dollars of tax money might figure into their sudden change of tune regarding the previously ignored industry.

The vaping world faces a huge threat in the November Californian ballot with a proposition that seeks to not only boost the state’s low cigarette tax but also to include taxation on what’s supposed to be a cigarette-related item, the e-cigarette. Proposition 56 proposes to tax liquid-nicotine-like tobacco and e-cigs by $2. There’s even Stanton Glantz, a University of California Medicine Professor, who claims that e-cigs expand and extend the tobacco epidemic even though the industry claims to serve like a nicotine patch rather than as an entryway device into smoking.

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