Project Management Expert William Dow, PMP Releases New Book For PMOs On Amazon

14 June, 2017 – William Dow, PMP, a leading project management office (PMO) expert and professional, recently released on Amazon his newest book for PMO professionals, The PMO Life Cycle: Building, Running and Shutting Down. The new book is a major update to the author’s previous book “The Tactical Guide For Building a PMO.” It focuses on industry insights and the complete PMO life cycle, including building, running, and shutting down a PMO.

The highly informative and insightful book will provide PMO, Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers with the knowledge and skills to build, run, and shut down a PMO. No other text on the market covers the three steps of the PMO life cycle as succinctly or comprehensively.

The book is a great resource for PMO experts who need insights on best practices for running a viable PMO. It also helps those seeking the most effective strategy to deploy when shutting down a PMO.

“If you are looking for compelling insights and a cutting-edge approach to boosting your PMO business, my latest book and accompanying course capture each step of building an industry-leading PMO, building an Agile PMO, running the day-to-day operations of the PMO, and shutting down PMOs in an organized and structured manner,” Dow said.

The new book is highly recommended by some of the brightest minds in the industry and is released in unison with Dow’s PMO course. The course has very positive reviews from PMO professionals and provides advice from the author himself via a private Facebook group for course members only.

If you used Dow’s previous book, “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO,” you are sure to use this, as well. With a new set of tools, charts, graphs, and step-by-step implementation instructions, this book is a great resource for developing, running, or shutting down a PMO.

About The Author

William Dow, PMP is a recognized project management expert by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Bill has expertise in developing and managing PMOs and has taught at the college level for more than 15 years in Washington state, British Columbia, and Ontario. He has worked at Microsoft for more than 10 years and speaks regularly at PMI conferences, breakfasts, and events both nationally and internationally. Bill is a contributor on and Bill also helps work organizations deliver trainings by consulting with project management experts and speaking at their events.

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