Profacgen Adds Membrane-based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening for Protein Interaction Analysis

Profacgen has expanded its protein interaction analysis services with Membrane-based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening to complement its comprehensive solutions for protein research. These updates extend Profacgen’s commitment to help researchers bring new findings.

Membrane-based yeast two-hybrid system is based on the split-ubiquitin protein complementation assay and is able to detect protein interaction directly at the membrane. It allows the use of full-length integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins as baits to search for novel interaction partners.

The classical Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening is mostly limited to the study of cytosolic or extracellular soluble proteins. To study the interaction of transmembrane protein interaction, Profacgen provides a specialized membrane-based Y2H (MbY2H) system.

“By utilizing our MbY2H system and comprehensive membrane cDNA libraries from different species, we do believe we can help our customers to discover novel membrane protein interactions effectively and accurately,” commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff in Profacgen.

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