Productivity of Bilingual Workers Increases with Flexible Speech Interfaces According to AccuSpeechMobile

Bob Bova, CEO and President of AccuSpeechMobile, recently shared that one of the critical challenges that supply chain professionals face is providing support for multilingual workers across multiple geographies where operations may be based. In North America, many people within the supply chain are multilingual. This has become a very common workforce management challenge, especially for the seasonal workforce.

New device-based voice solutions are available to support multiple and blended languages. These solutions can be configured to support blended languages and will continue to grow and change with the organization and its diverse workforce. A device-based voice architecture removes long, tedious training for temporary workers and can provide an agile development strategy around the world for local dialects and accents.

By using a decentralized strategy, operations and IT managers can develop training modes on the devices. This allows for slowing down or speeding up voice driven commands, for instance saying “help” as an utterance can assist anywhere during the process. The mobile architecture enables multiple potential speech inputs that can be recognized for the same data input field. It is no longer necessary a “one size fits all” scenario, as was the case for voice solutions two decades ago. Being able to design voice interfaces for a multilingual, bilingual, multi-dialect workforce is now the norm.

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AccuSpeechMobile’s ( unique, completely device-based solution voice enables and automates Supply Chain operations, including warehouse (WMS), distribution and field service applications (mobile inspection, maintenance and repair). AccuSpeechMobile extends the useful life of existing investments and connects to any warehouse management system (WMS), allowing clients to rapidly achieve double-digit improvements in workforce productivity, increased accuracy, workforce satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Supply chain management, field services, logistics, retail and transportation applications all benefit from AccuSpeechMobile’s device-based approach, often deploying the voice interface within weeks and demonstrating productivity gains immediately. Leading organizations in industries such as Aerospace, Apparel, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Publishing, Retail, Sporting Goods, and more have voice enabled multiple applications in the supply chain, demonstrating positive ROI in under 12 months.

The AccuSpeechMobile solution works with TE, Windows, web and Android applications. Voice Picking is a common first application for AccuSpeechMobile and additional distribution applications such as cycle count, put away, shipping and receiving are also popular candidates for voice enablement once the power and positive results of AccuSpeechMobile are understood. Follow AccuSpeechMobile on Twitter at @AccuSpeechMobil.

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