Product Details of Convoluted PTFE Braided Hose

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Heavy-duty and particularly flexible spiral-corrugated PTFE hose suitable for transferring products including chemicals and food.

This thick-walled hose can be used in places where particularly high requirements are made of movement, handling and no kinking. With the specially developed corrugated profile of the hose. it can practically withstand a full vacuum.

PTFE Convoluted Hose has excellent temperature characteristics at both high and low temperatures,excellent chemical resistance, no pollution performance, low friction coefficient, aging resistance. Therefore, hose is usually used in applications where all or one of the above properties is the main standard for automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing, plastic and rubber molding machines. In addition, in some applications, the tube can conduct electricity to dissipate electrostatic charges.

PTFE convoluted tubes and hoses boast the best solution for the transport of gas, fluids, and chemicals where the bending radius requires extreme flexibility and flex fatigue resistance. PTFE also possesses a high aging resistance while being chemically inert.

The wide range of temperatures (from -65°C to 260°C) reachable by our tubes allows them to be the right solution for many industrial and technical processes.

Besteflon’s Convoluted PTFE Hoses are manufactured with smooth, rounded, helical-shaped convolutions which help to promote easy cleaning and self-draining for the ultimate high purity, convoluted hose. Convoluted PTFE hoses offer a non-stick, helically-shaped inner core that minimizes pressure drops and simplifies cleaning.  Besteflon convoluted hose’s lightweight, flexible characteristics provide a superior flex life.

These flexible hoses are designed to transport almost all substances and to withstand the most demanding conditions, including high velocity and pressure surges. 

Convoluted PTFE Braided Hose

Construction: Convoluted

Inner Tube: PTFE

Features: Convoluted helicoidal construction produces a self-cleaning effect.

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