PrivacyWall Becomes the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Search Engine with Fast, Secure and Privacy Protected Search

PrivacyWall Becomes the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Search Engine with Fast, Secure and Privacy Protected Search
PrivacyWall the friendly private search engine that hates trackers, is pleased to announce that it has become the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Search Engine in the world! Hurray, and let those trackers stay where they are.

Only a few decades ago, no one ever thought that dozens of trackers would be capturing their online search for “hot and fresh pizza near me”. But freedom from being tracked online need not be a dream any longer with the emergence and popularity of PrivacyWall. 

Today every major search engine has a significant interest in capturing and recording all online activities. They just can’t get enough of it (or make more money without it). That’s why PrivateView, the best private search engine, got going, and today is used by more and more people. 

We’re thrilled to be the #1 fastest-growing, private search engine. Over 100,000 users count on PrivacyWall to protect their search privacy every day. But that’s not why we call ourselves the #UnSearchEngine. That’s because we are the only search engine that empowers every Privacy Champion and team member at PrivacyWall to dedicate 20% of their time to work on a project that makes a positive impact on the world that they personally care about,” said Jonathan Wu, Chairman and CEO, PrivacyWall. 

Freedom comes with responsibility, and that’s what makes PrivacyWall undertake civic empowerment initiatives, the first for a tech startup, that is committed to bending the arc of history towards a more inclusive future. To date, the private search engine has donated to causes such as World Central Kitchen and Feeding America, and Make Time To Vote. 

PrivacyWall wants to give back control to consumers, businesses, and governments so that their data remains theirs. The search engine is fast and secure and does away with wanton collection of information by Big Tech to selling advertisements.  

Everyone is invited to join PrivacyWall in its mission to safeguard personal privacy by using PrivacyWall as their primary search engine.

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