Princess Catherine complaining about her stalker

The beautiful princess Catherine Ajike  have had a stalker since she moved into her apartment.

It is so disgusting because the stalker has been able to hack her mobile phone where by they can access her contacts on her mobile phone, they can also access her e-mail when she is on her phone and she can not make a phone call with out them being able to hear the conversation.

Princess Catherine Ajike in her own words said that it is so unacceptable because she don’t know how they got a flat in the area that her apartment is in.

Going on to say that she knows that she is a royal but the stalker shouldn’t have complicated the beautiful princess Catherine Ajike. Even though the stalker speaks her language and everybody knowns that she is proud of where she is from however, the stalker has copied the fact that because princess Catherine Ajike enjoys a particular drink that you can dilute to drink, because of this the stalker has even made up a lie about where he is from, even though what he speaks is her language.

Princess Catherine Ajike mentioned that she knows that she is very intelligent therefore it is becoming very disturbing that her stalker is always disturbing her and she doesn’t want to encourage her stalker to know anything else about her anymore 

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