Prime Meridian Consulting: Building Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Prime Meridian Consulting: Building Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in building successful leaders. The ability of emotional intelligence to better relate, recognize and influence other’s emotions helps the leaders create motivated teams. With the ability to build strong and collaborative relationships, emotionally intelligent leaders are in high demand in the top organizations. But the severe lack of such responsible leaders inspired Prime Meridian Consulting to take up such an innovative initiative. 

In India, with the growth and advancement in technology, there has been a primary focus on technical excellence. But for continued growth, emphasis needs to be given on effective leadership. The corporate world of today requires a number of emotionally aware leaders to enhance the performance as well as the culture of the organizations. The development of the leaders becomes a responsibility for the organizations. Taking small yet effective steps can help in overcoming the challenges and meeting the leadership development needs in India. 

According to research, to achieve impressive growth of Indian organization, 50% of the leaders at the mid-level and senior positions require significant improvements. The greater focus on technology than people in India has led to a stressed workforce. It is not only affecting organizational performance but is also reducing productivity. 

To address the leadership development needs, Prime Meridian Consulting India has conducted a number of leadership development interventions for the medium-sized and large Indian organizations as well as the Multinational Corporations. Through the popular program of “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership,” Prime Meridian Consulting has made an effort to bring about improvement in the leadership status. By encouraging the leaders to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership and helping them acquire new behavioural skills, significant improvements can be brought about.

The Journey of Building Emotionally Intelligent Leaders hasn’t been easy for the Prime Meridian Consulting India either. In order to become Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, the individuals have to go through various steps. Each step will help them enhance their behavior, skills, as well as the overall personality. The enhancement of behavior and personality will not only help them in maximizing their personal performance but will also enable the improvement of other’s performance. 

There are seven essential steps for the development of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders. They are:

  1. Understand Leadership 

In the first step, the individuals have to understand the true meaning of leadership and the need for development.

  1. Increase Self-awareness 

The leaders have to make themselves aware of the behavioural and personality changes they need to undergo.

  1. Management of Own Emotions 

They need to master ways to control and manage their personal emotion.

  1. Use Different EI Leadership Style 

The leaders need to start practicing the emotional intelligence style of leadership.

  1. Create Performance-enhancing Culture 

Through the use of EI leadership styles, the leaders need to create a performance-enhancing culture in the organization.

  1. The contract between Follower and Leader 

The follower and leader together work towards increasing the productivity of the organization.

  1. Identify key strengths and development areas 

Identifying the strengths and development areas helps in making the organization more successful.

During the leadership programs organized by the Prime Meridian Consulting India Pvt Ltd, the participants need to self-access and find out the presence of emotional intelligence competencies and capabilities. The demonstration of the competencies and capabilities enables a positive impact on organizational performance. The competencies include self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. 

Some of the important emotional intelligence capabilities include self-confidence, transparency, initiative, optimism, conflict management, teamwork and collaboration, and more. Identifying the strengths and the development needs can help the senior leaders of India contribute better to the organizations. According to the management of Prime Meridian Consulting, ‘understanding the needs and catalysing the change will lead to a better future for the leaders’.

The Future Ahead

The organizations of India require following a holistic approach and embracing the emotional intelligence leadership development practices. The technical experts need to become more people-oriented and acquire new behaviours to enable enhanced productivity in organizations. Undergoing the right leadership program can help in bringing about the desired changes. This is what inspired Prime Meridian Consulting India to start this platform where brilliant personalities can grow to become tomorrow’s leaders! Their strategically designed Emotionally Intelligent Leadership programs will help in the continuous growth and development of the leaders, resulting in optimum organizational performance. 


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