Primax’s AI-Driven Success at CES 2024 – Embracing and Shaping The Future of Technology

Primax's AI-Driven Success at CES 2024 - Embracing and Shaping The Future of Technology

TAIPEI, Taiwan – January 18th, 2024 – Primax Electronics (TWSE: 4915), a global leading company specializing in integrated solutions for vision, audio, and interface technologies, showcased its comprehensive range of innovative products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. Under the theme of “The Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI),” Primax was able to garner widespread recognition for its adoption to AI with a broad range of new products and solutions at CES, offering users the latest technology and the most innovative product experiences!

The advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) were standout features of CES 2024, underscoring AI’s capacity to revolutionize operations and decision-making processes. This trend is especially pertinent for sectors such as auto, digital health, home security, among others, as the need to harness AI’s capabilities to boost efficiency and drive innovation across various sectors would shape the future of consumer electronics and business solutions.

CES 2024 AI Highlights:

Ÿ   Smart Transportation: Integration of AI in the automotive sector to enhance safety and awareness

Ÿ   Digital Health Gadgets: AI-powered personal health monitoring and diagnostic tools

Ÿ   Home Security Innovations: Advanced AI in home security systems for improved safety and detect anomalies

Ÿ   Photography and Video: AI enhancements in digital imaging for professional and personal use

Ÿ   AI In Computing: Next-generation AI processors and software for smarter and faster computing

Ÿ   AI In Consumer Electronics: AI applications to transform consumer devices into smart, intuitive, and personalized companions that enhance our daily lives

Primax’s products and solutions fit seamlessly into the current AI trend. Our smart access solutions, including advanced smart locks and doorbells, utilize AI for heightened security and convenience, showcasing our capability to integrate AI into practical and everyday applications. Our AI Smart Camera, part of our content creation and streaming product portfolio, features AI-enhanced functionalities such as auto-follow and gesture recognition, marking a significant leap in digital photography and video conferencing.

Furthermore, Primax’s innovative camera module technologies were a highlight for many of its guests. These modules, featuring advanced customization, active alignment technology, and unique packaging techniques, cater to a wide array of applications from AR/VR to smart transportation and medical devices that greatly echoes the future of AI.

Primax Camera Module Highlights:

Ÿ   Custom Module Design: High-level customization with active alignment for optimal imaging quality

Ÿ   Advanced Imaging Algorithms: Proprietary algorithms for precise 11-axis adjustment in camera modules

Ÿ   Specialized Automotive Cameras: Clarity, minimal distortion, and OEM AI validation for ADAS applications

Ÿ   Packaging Innovations: Unique CoS and HoC technologies for compact and efficient module designs

Ÿ   Diverse Applications: Versatile modules used in AI cameras, AR/VR, IoT, TOF, ADAS, and 3D sensing

As CES 2024 has demonstrated, AI is not just a far-feteched futuristic concept, but a reality that’s reshaping our world now. Primax, as both a participant and an innovator at the CES, embraces this AI-driven future. We are committed to continually integrate AI into our products and services, enhance user experiences, and push the boundaries of technological possibilities. Primax stands ready to lead and adapt in this ever-evolving landscape, and is at the forefront of this AI revolution.

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