Primary School Tutor Is Now Offering 11+ Tuition in Bucks

With over 10 years of experience and now a growing business in tutoring in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, is going from strength to strength. They are now offering 11+ Tuition in Bucks and can’t wait to help more pupils reach their goals. In the meantime, they’ve shared some tips to help students with 11+ Tuition in Bucks.

11 + Tips for Better Performance

1. Choosing the right school

You need to think about the school your child is going to try for. Make sure you factor in the travel distance and how the school is going to fit with family life. It is important for kids to have a good balance between work and other activities helping them perform. Visit the schools you have shortlisted so you will have a rough picture of life in that school. You also need to know where the school is header because it can help to motivate the kids when things feel too much. 

2. Choosing the right preparation plan

There is a wide range of options when it comes to preparing for the 11+, with some of them being tuition groups, private tuition, guided 11+ books, or even using 11+ books on your own. These options have their own pros and cons and come at different price points. There is no option that is far superior to the other, and most families usually chose a combination of two options. To choose the best option for your child, look at your budget and the way they learn.

3. Concentrating on Mathematics and English if you start early

You have the choice of starting the preparation early. If you do this, then start by focusing on Mathematics and English skills. You should be encouraging them to read daily, helping them with practicing times-tables and planning mental maths and spelling work each work so they can brush on their skills, both for their general education and 11+.

4. Developing a wide vocabulary

A wide vocabulary takes time to develop, and it will involve methods like talking to adults, reading every day, or even listening to the radio. You can find learning activities that will help in developing vocabulary, but they are not as effective. You need to start early because it is never too early. Developing these skills will help the child with their 11+.

5. Practicing times-tables

Your child will need to have a solid knowledge of the times-tables if they are to do well in their 11+. These skills will come in handy when working quickly and accurately on math problems, which gives them a better result. In classes, children will not have enough time to fully learn the times-tables because there is a lot of pressure from the curriculum. This is why you need to start practicing with them at home. If you don’t have enough time, consider hiring a tutor to help them polish on this knowledge.

6. Avoid moving too fast with Maths

You might be tempted to pressure forwards with Mathematics, so you can move on to more challenging subjects. Mathematically gifted children can respond well to that, but most kids will have a hard time building their skills since they don’t have a good understanding of the basics. The 11+ does not go outside the school syllabus (independent schools can have one or two questions outside the syllabus). You don’t have to do things to fast and too far. They need to have a solid foundation of the basics.

7. Making a plan and sticking to it

If you made a plan that works for your child, ignore what others are doing. You might hear some parents bragging about how their child is studying for a given amount of hours, or they are already tackling the complex questions. If you have a system in place that is working well, then you should stick to it. You don’t need to force your child to study for many hours, always make sure they have breaks in between.

8. Testing

Always keep in mind that the children need to learn the material before they can get tested.

Children can be demotivated when they are tested on something they have not understood. This will complicate the process of trying to figure out where they currently are with their knowledge. Children will make mistakes on topics they don’t understand well, but when you focus more on these areas, they are going to make mistakes on areas they know. The best approach is helping them learn first and then giving them a timed test after they have studied the given topic.

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